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This episode of the digital podcast is sponsored by Everest. If you depend on email to reach your customers than you'll want Everest, it's an invaluable tool set for digital marketers who want to maximize the Roi from their email campaigns by getting more mail delivered and keeping more customers engaged reach peak email success with Everest from validity learn more at everest email dot com. This is a commercial for Japanese skin. Whitening. Apply it for a few weeks and must be whiter skin in fourteen days. And there's a lot more where that came from. The skin lightening industry is big business like nine billion dollars bag. That's why glossy is proud to present. Unfair. A podcast about this global segment of the beauty industry found in countries like India, the Philippines and even here in the US. In four episodes, we'll get into the industry's origins history of skin increases along and terrible. It starts to produce mercury and make you. is being.

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