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What's the latest? Yeah. Did a consultation with Tom Lancashire Olympic middle distance runner another of DNA, Fisk consultancies Craig Pickering who was very good sprinter. And is a well-qualified sports. Scientists now. Tolman? I spend quite loft time discussing the most surprising aspect of my results. Which was my power endurance response. Let's hear from Tom again. Everybody gets absolve fuel to the fire. One of the biggest our response is I've seen we don't see many certainly over eighty. Calculating eighty five maybe ninety whereas the injured most the most calling biggest probably lawn insurance. I may be around sixty sixty four teenagers. Our I guess it's the bridge. So you very much the far end of the the spread. Colin MacAulay here. The other though. You could have been could've been this. Holly. So it was told Lancashire just talking about my power endurance response, which for me, who's focused all my life on endurance. Sports was very surprising. And as I said, they're made me wonder whether I'd missed my calling and we went into more detail about nutrition injury risk. And so on you get a lot of information from your DNA tests. But whether your genes make you bear suited to juries per base activities, but also about your view to response recovery. Speed.

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