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60 with Lifelock and Save 25% or more off your first year going to Norton dot com slash radio. That's norten dot com slash radio for 25% off. We are the Bay Area's news station, A one block stretch of San Pedro Street in downtown San Jose is now closed off to car bringing you straightforward and trustworthy information around the clock step taken to give them any restaurants that run alongside. It's the next room to spread out all news all the time, right here on KCBS. CBS News down 9 18 1st for traffic. Here's Kim. All right. Just a couple things stand. We still have problems getting through Berkeley. This is on westbound Interstate 80. Right, Ash be an accident. As you pass. The Ashby exit is blocking the two left lanes. And because it's been there for a little while Now, Traffic is backing up beyond Gilman right to the Albany Hill area. So do expect, stop and go e sure free way to get through the Ashby area. Looks fine the rest of the way to the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. We're also getting a first word of an accident on westbound 24 right near Clermont as you come out of the call to cut through Oakland, but this is said to be off to the right shoulder. Now we still have a small hang up of traffic in Fremont on 6 80 This is south, 6 80 at Autumn All Parkway. There was an accident there earlier, which got cleared, but apparently it did some damage. At K Rail is sticking into the left lane. They're resetting it right as we speak. So there's a small hang up of traffic on South Bound 6 80 just south of Auto Mall Parkway I can see with the chilled Not about a collision camp is just a little hiccup of slowing just to be prepared for that. And you're next step date follows. Ask an expert or as needed here on the traffic leader KCBS Now the man Seanie Sleep World six Day forecast Aaron Peck from K P x five What a difference A day makes a lot more clouds for our Tuesday morning then what we've had around here on Monday. It will be noticeably cooler today as a result of that, especially if you are far inland parts of inland Contra Costa.

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