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An Interview with 'The Highwaymen' Actor and Stuntman: Edward Bossert


Next guest. Does a phenomenal job as CLYDE barrow of the infamous, Bonnie and CLYDE. The net. Flicks smash hit the highwayman. He's a stuntman. He's an actor. His name is Edward Bossert Edward Hawaii today. My man on quite excellent, thanks for asking, Derek. How are you? Good, man. So I before I get all this fun stuff on Netflix and all this other stuff. So I do go you on YouTube, obviously. So I mean, I have to do my research like I always do. And there's a clip of you. I don't know if it's martial arts combined with other things, man. But boy, are you agile? Probably probably a tricky clip. So I gotta say man like combining that with other. I mean, like even today like, I hope you don't mind me sharing this with people. You went snow hiding my right with that. Correct. Yes. My first lesson in snow cutting. So you're an active guy race. You're always out. You're doing your thing by trade. I mean, I know you're an actor. You're do a great job in that field. But you're also a stuntman as well current yet. So how much of your love of stunt work plays out in to your what you do when you're not working Rachel say snow kiting or whether it's a martial arts. I gotta believe they're they're very closely related, we're all they're they're so closely tied together. I mean, the reason I ended up in stunts was because of my passion and love for just experiences as a human like doing things like snow, cutting and rock climbing. And then I think that probably stemmed out some martial arts as well. But when it came time that sort of pick a career, it was it was hard to do anything other than what I know in love in. I'm so passionate about so it's it's very closely related. All right. So like I said before he gets your your amazing career here. Talk to me a little bit about what else you do. So we mentioned snow kiting. There's clips of you on YouTube widows. Do you like to do when you're in your spare time while so everything kind of stems around martial arts? There's a lot of daily routine spent in keeping basic martial arts and acrobatic abilities sharp, but lately I've been really getting into like distance running just as as a way to push myself, mentally and kinda at the same time explore some southern California in an area. I'm really, but and then rock climbing. I think rocks will always be a big passion for me as well. Speaking of rock climbing. Did you get a chance to see free solo? I did. Yeah. That was phenomenal thoughts on that thoughts on. I forget his name. And I'm so embarrassed. I'll try outs Allah tunnel. Yeah. Wish thoughts on Alex. I think he is a very sharp weapon and single use weapon at that. Maybe he's perfect for free. Soloing in how he prepares himself and trains, and like, that's where his mind is as he likes those high consequence tests mastery. And so I I really appreciate that. I can I I like respect any human being that is pushing the limits in that way, especially because then you know, I don't have to do that. I don't have to go free solo. He did that. Roy Wilson I can say man, I get really pissed off. When I hear people tell him how he should live his life. Like, you know, all you're going to do this. You're going to die. Like, I mean, he doesn't need to hear that he's living life the way he needs to live his life. And you gotta love that. Right. A hundred percent. I mean, he's he's one of the most offensive people in that too. Because there's got to be so many people that even that care about him. He cares about that wanna tell them how his life, and he he's to do what he has to do in that sense. Like, he any sticks to it. He's been really true about that. So that's one of the reasons I actually really respect him. Yeah. And he's a super smart guy. People assume, you know, he's doing this. He sees living on the edge. And he just loves doing what he does. And there's a lot. There's a lot to be said for that. Absolutely. He he's incredibly well read from what I understand. I'm like like, just really smart guy, really sharp. What he does. And how how he goes about life. So for that for that matter. I'd also recommend if you liked tree solo. I would definitely check out the dawn wall. Also is that DO enter D A W N. D A W N. Okay. Don. We'll absolutely. Yeah. For sure. And let me ask you do. You have a specific routine. You mentioned long distance running. Is there a diet or routine that you would hear to every day Edward, or is it just you know, what I'm going to stay active? I'm gonna eat right. You know when it went presents itself. I'd like to aim for teen. But I'm totally open to variation in spontaneity when the day comes. I will say typically try to start my day with some form of cre- either creative work like whether it's just journaling or maybe working on editing project or coming up with what I wanna do next for like a little stunned scene or something as well as a little bit of meditative space. I don't want to say I meditate regularly because I'm not I'm not as disciplined about that as I should be. But I try to get myself like a little morning star. And then after maybe an hour or so I get into I go for a five to ten mile run typically on a trail somewhere on the kind of inspires me. And then get home and make a big one for breakfast, and what time of day it is. And then I tried to get into my stunt regimen. Which depending on the day could be driving training could be firearms could be fighting it kind of Aries, and it depends on the week, and who I can train with your. Harnessing all things that you might have to do in a film. Right. So you mentioned firearms. I'm sure you know, there's a guy in the walking. Did it does a lot of like axe and sword work? I mean, so I yes, I imagine you must be doing very similar type of things, correct? Yeah. Always always trying to keep skills that I have sharp and expand the skills that I can use for film, and that I'm, you know, not just that I kind of done, but that I'm competent at and so that does take some time how far Edward would you go. And it's like is there a stunt where you're like, you know, what maybe not or a you like you trust the people you work for and you kind of go from there. I think it it. Totally. I think you made a great statement there about trusting the people I work with like it totally hinges around relationship. You have with the crew around you because you wanna be able to talk to them something's making you uncomfortable. There should be a safe way to do it at the same time. You know, it is that game of like not letting your ego of like, well, I want the credit for this. Or I want to be known as like doing hardest crazy stuff at knowing. When to be like, you know, you might there might be a better guy for that particular thing. I think I would say I have some trepidation around car hits Moi. Moi, but at the same time like I know that it can be done safely in. So I if the right proves the right coordinator boss asked me like, hey, can I hit you with a car? I'd probably like, absolutely. Let's do

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