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Hope from behind and He holds Holt by his hair while randy. It's in the chest with a chair and now Sherry is managing randy. This is an interesting little turn of events. We know behind the scenes Randy savage is the real life husband of Miss Elizabeth and is super overprotective of Miss Elizabeth. And they've been traveling duo and in a in a pair for a long long time to see him with a different woman certainly a different look especially when you know sort of the behind the scenes dynamic between the two. Whose idea was this. How did Sherry feel about it and most importantly how did Randy feel about being with another woman on camera it? I I think it was a little weird for everyone. I know it was intimidating for Sherry because of the relationship between Sherry. I mean between Elizabeth and Macho man so for Sherry. Yeah I was a little intimidating working with randy because randy could be pretty intense. However once they started working together they immediately clicked and Randy saw the potential of what he could do with Sherry that he could never do with Liz from the bumping and being able to use her in matches and now randy had a whole brand new tool in his arsenal and it was a human bump machine is someone that people genuinely didn't like and she had heat man she could work and she could tell stories so that was a great package. It end being able to work with with Liz in that and continue the story. It was a natural. I think that when you look at the anti antithesis man of Elizabeth immediately you're GONNA go right to Sherri Martel. I think it's the TV taping. Were brother love. He'll the guy and laid hands on Guy Wheelchair TV taping here in Huntsville. Where Liz with Tail Sherry? You're going to be working with Randy and Sherry asks Liz. How do you feel about that? And Are you comfortable with Liz? She is and that she trusts her with Randy. How was their real life relationship absolutely closes? I mean really as close as you could get. They the dynamic there I mean Sherry became she kind of became a puff. O and they all they all got along they all Sherry. Did her thing. Radian LIZ did their thing. So it wasn't like a It was but it was good in that Randy let Sherry in and gave her the freedom to do her character into her shit and for Randy said before. It's a new tool. It's something he can use at more than he can add to his arsenal. I'll throw you Sherry Sharyo. Get some heat on you. Bow Miss Sherrie takes bump. It's another spot in an in. Those are always things that he never could do with Liz so it was an exciting time for them and and Sherry teaches business. She went out. Did her shit went on. I think it's worth mentioning. Moolah had occasionally managed some people randomly here there. I think it might be my opinion. That share is the first full time female. He'll manager that we see up to this point. I mean when Liz's managing rainy and he's a he'll she's never really getting involved doing anything she's always sort of a sympathetic baby face is Sherry. The first he'll female manager. Wow I don't know I mean I think you could throw in make an argument for Missy Hyatt dark journey meaning the Dugan Sunshine to be clear I'm saying in World Wrestling Federation. Yes yes definitely when Randy Goes ONTO TO BEAT JIM. Duggan to become the king of the WWF. Of course sheree starts to become known as a Queen Sherry and the fans would sometimes nickname her scary sherry. I think official name Insatiable Sherry but Fans and and and baby face commentators on. Tv referred her scary Sherry different incarnations of the character and through this period she starts to innovate a little bit. Change up her look not just her outfits which obviously when she's the queen but go way over the top and it's probably Probably a tall ask even for female performer. To keep up with the macho man because he was such a stickler for details and the little particulars when he would have crazy outfit changes and when he was committed to the Gimmick and he would invest in his wardrobe and she to sort of play the part. So she's got to keep up with that right well. Sherry was already playing the part before that Sherry was doing the same thing in very attention to detail very much so so to pair her with Randy. We did that. There wouldn't be a conflict in that way that Sherry would be able to keep up. She wouldn't rest on her laurels and is outlandish is randy got sharee was right there with him and constantly changing her look constantly reinvesting in her outfits and doing the crazy makeup and all that. Shit. That's what made her so damn special. And if you didn't do that I don't think that it would have worked nearly as well with the Macho man because the package would wouldn't have been as good but as many times as randy savage was gonna change outfits for God so was Queen Sherry She She really got experimental with makeup. They're different periods of her managerial role when she was arrested or she would certainly try some stuff. She's starting to get really over the top of some of the makeup stuff and you guys have had tons of support from costuming and makeup shows and things like that. Well she doing most of the makeup herself or did you guys have some some help on staff to help her sort of amplify the look now. Most of the stuff you saw on TV. That was all makeup. Artist would experiment and come Sherry TV. And all I've got I've got this for you. Wait you know. Wait till you see what we're GonNa do this week. In and they would experimenting they would do different things so dinner at all on the road. She did it herself but it TV. We always had the makeup artists that would do that. And they would come up with different ideas for Sherry. Let me ask you know and I know. You probably don't know all of this but you may have an idea when she was say The women's champion for the company in wrestling wherever that match was on the card compared to when she's managing the Macho King Randy savage and main events on how show lives and things like that she gets up and pay she making more money as a manager than she was an in ring performer. I would think she was more valuable as a manager in that role and added so much to that package would hope so. Yeah I would think so too when Randy Starts feud with US erodes dusty is eventually managed by superfan Sapphire and that leads Sherri and Sapphire have a bunch of different physical confrontations with each other? Which we've recently talked about here on the show and that leads to a mixed tag `master Wrestlemainia six or randy and Sherry lose to dusty and Sapphire after Elizabeth Interferes. Shove Sherry It's a big moment. You know to see Sheree involved in something in the ring with Miss Elizabeth. Talk to me a little bit about that match and how you remember all of that sort of coming together because Sapphire was just a fan and it's not like even though she knows what to do she was wrestling. Every you know every week. It's a tall ask to get in there and wrestle and mix it up with someone who doesn't have a ton of wrestling experience right in the wrestling experienced that Juanita had was independent lot of habits and just did not know so you were relying a hundred eight. The term one hundred ten percent but if there was ever a place to use it would be here because a hundred and ten percent of this working was on. Sherry in Cherry had to be able to lead Juanita through the match and be able to get her to do everything that we need to do. So all this Sherri Martel and that Safire did that was something that Sherry felt comfortable. The Juanita could do and the success of that. So much of the success of that entire program with dusty and Sapphire in Sherry and Macho King that Sherry that was Sherry. That really pulled pulled out everything that she could out of Sapphire. It's it's fun. Because on the heels of Wrestlemainia they worker a continuous series of of mixed tag matches dusty and Sapphire on one side the king and Queen on the other all through the summer of ninety two the end of August I guess and I think the way this all comes down is at least from Sheri's point of view. She says Vince. I asked her to help get Sapphire on the road. And basically trainer wrestle using these series of matches even to the point that on the road to Wrestlemainia they have a few singles matches on house. Shows Talk to him a little bit about what that might have sounded like when Vince Tell Sherry. She's got a coach up. Juanita right got dash area yellow project for you. You Know Sapphire Dan. We we got plans here and without Sapphire. We've got no American dream if you know what I mean because what are you going to do with that so we need you take this woman? She can't she can't work need about ten minutes out of it and I know you can do it. Pal and really probably. That's Capri close to will really happen. You know it was we. We did stuff where yet yet the mixed tag and then the feature coming back would be. I would be Randy Sheri's corner and Elizabeth would be in a dusty and sapphires corner in that probably when I look back on all the different should I did in the ring and wwe that that time traveling with them and being on the road and working those matches every night with dusty and with Randy and Sherry and will need that. Some of the most fun I've ever had in the business and every single day I would get a phone call is my wakeup call. Every morning. He don't how this dammit. Congratulations set a record last night. We'll record zad lowest house a history of Odessa. And every fucking night every fucking town matter what we call the next morning wherever. I was waking me up Saturday record last night. Worse Housing El Paso History Yeah and some of them were pretty bad. They weren't all they were all bad. Frankly we outdrew in the garden where Hogan had been there before with earthquake and we outdrew that from day today but every night every night would get we'd get their industy would be standing in the curtain looking out. Bibi laughed timeout with him..

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