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How about hanging out with lynching Guido to quarter Val? That's a pretty good one to draft experience where you get to you get to go to the Nashville, Tennessee draft. Now, that's good. That's a good one helmet foam at helmet phone. I missed the helmet phone in the era of cell phones. You've lost the helmet phone, and then of two we really like are the campfire relief package where your money goes directly to the victims of the campfire. And then the college football championship luxury suite, hey, look over you might see copes and overnight Dave yukking it up. This another photographic document of your time with overnight, Dave. 'cause when Murph show that picture, I think we're in Hawaii, right? When you're like check this out and the red brake lights covering your faces. The look I mean there was like some intensity on your face. Dave wasn't wearing the beanie. And he said hold on. We're gonna take a pick. I gotta put the beating on absolutely not on. It's like seeing the guys and kiss without their makeup. Mystique? He did by the way kisses coming kisses comedy. Or are they coming? It's another farewell. Right. Wow. Of course, I'll gotta go. They're playing the they're playing oracle. Speaking of which part of this whole Howard terminal deal is in the as you're going to have a press conference this morning and announcing the gondola the gondolas coming. Yeah. Bill ski-boots going on going on as as as twins game. You know, what they do up on the gondola? Right. Well, you got that free time you to gummy bear, right? Among other things. Yeah. You could spend one whatever we actually rift on best gondolas in the bay area. And there's no question. It's the Oakland zoo. Although some of said, the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, gondola woman hard. At the forefront of the bay area. Donald you call it the bay Santa Cruz extended bay. If he's surrounding community status. What are we got Santa Cruz? Denizens? Do you consider yourself bay area? Probably would be the guy to kind of say now, I'd say no fact now with respect Steven seaweeds, not a slag at all. It's just a comment that they have their own culture and their own identity. Love Santa Cruz. Now. I love it down there. Yeah. So if not you should remember the gondola, it's great on the Santa Cruz gondola when you look down because you go over the rooftops of a few of the rides. You could see all the junk people have dropped from their gondolas seat. We've dropped stuff. Of course, you see hair ties you maybe a Louis alone. Flip. Stay a stuffy, you want at the arcade. Right. Maybe cotton candy, stick like a Rory goes over the hoops. Cotton candy, the terrifying cell phone drop to act as you get. Tempted to take a picture of the view. Whoops. I dropped my phone to deliver on the goods the Toronto. Sportswriters name was dug Smith very generic talk Smith. We had him on over the summer of trade. And we got riffing on Toronto. We asked him making your power rank the Toronto Kersee, and he loves the raptors buddy Jo say and they love their raptors. I city is very international, right? White north. And here's what he said. Yeah, I like it in in Toronto culture Bluejays. Raptors Maple Leafs Argos off power rank may be one two three four in terms of the most passionate fan bases. I would say Maple Leafs by one the raptors would be number two. The blue jeans three in the Argos inconsequential. I love it. I would put the Tf Seattle. I've been meaning. I'm so glad you played that because it just joined a loose memory. Murph on the other side and running out of time was Marky, Mark where was he during the red bull? It's a home and home. Up against it now because Atlanta hand. Awareness about the red bulls. Bonnie Joe I love Mark Mark so much and I'm like kind of rooted for the red bull. Caroline, his wife is the biggest red bull fan. She's very excited and the rentals are supposed to be sending a Sega paulie MAC's interest out here. There's a curiosity now. By the way, he said the Argos are inconsequential that does not sit well with everybody in the sports world now. Doesn't sit. Well with everybody in the sports for embarrassed right now to the Toronto Argonauts still one of my favorites. Pat, all right here on barest, Wayne Kuyper live from Hawaii six eighty the sports leader..

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