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You're listening to the dollop on the all things comedy network. My name. My being nipple, however, o double knit, man. Yes. It's not okay. Base guy. Lover of the eighteen is a child Danny needs a story from American history. To his amigo Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. That's the best one you've done. That's your. That's your best way. Because it was really insane seemed pretty on the news. Like, I talked about things that are true. You bragged about. Having nipples a face. Eighteen okay. Number one. There are people out there without nipples and without faces. So I'm putting out there that the things that I have also the eighteen was good when we can just start it. I guess. And called the Jim Cavs. Fucking hippo guy. Dave, okay. Gary. And this is not gonna come to tickling clock. Five part concision? Now hit him with the puppy. Resent sick arguments. About action. My friend. And that was you the some of those parts in there. Yeah. Now now, I know the yeah. You have you have parts in the intro. It's not just me. Now, I'm totally aware. Yeah. But you're also like in there like we're just going to shut it some dates right now that are not related to history. I'll be on a tour for stand up this summer June dates six to the eighth good night's comedy club rally, North Carolina. Burlington Vermont Vermont comedy club thirteen to the fifteenth. Twentieth. Through the twenty second the comedy attic in Bloomington. Illinois comedy off Broadway. Lexington Kentucky twenty seven hundred twenty nine you totally flubbed that one. All right. Laugh, Boston the nineteenth and twentieth of July. August I'll be at the improv in Denver the ninth through the eleventh seventeenth, I'll be at the abbey in Seattle digging picture me. Normal just feel like the movie Clifford with Martin short and Charles Grodin. There's a great life. H O Charles Grodin looks at him. And he's just like be normal. Boy is it possible. And then comedy on state, Madison, Wisconsin twenty through the twenty fourth and that's on State Street. Right. We stop helping and some of those do not have tickets up on the website yet to buy just so people know, oh, that's also may happen. Zade? I will be at the Westside theatre doing stand up comedy here in Los Angeles. And then may seventh I will be at the DOJ. Oh at the sycamore tavern. I think that'll be at eight o'clock, right? I just put that up on the Instagram. What did you put up on the instrument? The picture. I took. Not bad. Sure, just normal existence. This is who we are. We're out we're out in front of public. I don't know for sure. Not a lot of people internally paparazzi, but we're brought to you by ZipRecruiter ZipRecruiter. Of course is a place where you can find humans to do work. Let's. Let's put less crazily. Okay. For them for the hiring used to be hard and multiple job sites. Stacks, resumes, confusing review process, but today, hiring can be easy. And you only have to go to one place to get it done. Ziprecruiter dot com slash dollop. Here we go. That's us. We're the dollar, and then we are working with what what today you got into. The goofed. Jude did a lot of either. Look. Ziprecruiter with their powerful matching technology. They scan thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply for your job. Now what what job is that you were looking for an employee for for gear cord, we're fully staffing right now. We're staffing the warehouse. You're stabbing the warehouse what? So what kind of experience pallet commander commander? We need a commander the pallets. We need forklift. Doctors were after stacking agents. We want floor drop lists. And we're also we're also looking for some Dorothy, easiest those are all going to be listed on ZipRecruiter under the air corps. Yeah. And we're hiring lots. Yeah. As applications come in sip recruiter, analyze each one and spotlights the top candidates. So you never miss a great match. So it sounds like it's going to be great for you. It's been great. And right now, our listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash dollop. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash dollop. DO L P ZipRecruiter

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