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Of that story about twenty minutes president trump state of the union address tonight is expected to focus on the great American come back under his leadership among the issues so promote or expanding school choice the need to end sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants and furthering the economy's blue collar boom to provide strong wage gains for lower income workers so says Dave Boyer White House correspondent at The Washington Times Dave what are you hearing that's going to talk a lot about his economic success cordon and then how he's spreading prosperity for all Americans all income groups all ethnic groups all classes of workers he's going to point out that you know that in the past three years workers on the lower end of the income scale have seen the greatest wage gains and really you can he held president trump in this state of the union address for really making a play to attract inside all the constituencies that Democrats have traditionally been supported by a and so it's going to be really interesting how this month marks the beginning of the the real hot campaign year is that message resonating Hey he's been pushing not for hello I'm probably more than a year I guess I know it's one worth driving home but it but it does that is that something that's the on the minds of voters sure I mean you know they're the they're saying that they're well it is has increased their their bottom line is increased for one case or are in the room and you know there's there's many more jobs out there he's going to talk about how in the past year seventy three percent of every buddy whose obtained a job in the last last year from what he called marginalized groups and and people who traditionally have more trouble getting jobs are people who were out of work for a long time just couldn't find jobs so he's got a lot who the world lawn and that respect speak with Dave Boyer Whitehouse correspondent at The Washington Times this piece is called trouble emphasize blue collar boom in his state of the union address I'm curious given the nature of politics right now with impeachment front and center how does how does he address Nancy Pelosi normally like that that house speaker introduces him he turns around and shakes hands with the vice president the speaker Wright is raids gonna be some drama there about a half no no the drama that Gordon and that's the question on everyone's mind is what will it is the attitude be pulling in you know he's going to be the first time he's walking into the house chamber of the faithful who wandered from Democrats in the house who voted to impeach him and did the time and you know the very next day after you give the speech for the Senate is expected to vote to acquit him of the impeachment charges so you've got all that playing out and you you're you're right you got Nancy Pelosi standing behind him looking over his shoulder as he gives the speech and you know they they certainly have their their classes in the past and then he blames her for this whole saga so it's going to be really fascinating to watch you quoted somebody in your story to is saying that the state of the union will be unifying what does that mean in the sense that we have any idea luckily I think it means that the team is going to try to be unifying with an economic message but he is his policies have tax cuts to the regulation are improving the economic outlook for all Americans and that should be the thing that Americans can rally around and it kind of glossed over these these intense partisan divisions that we had for three years let's talk about the the president's guests Dave well we know to them so far Gordon one is going to be a gentleman from Cincinnati Ohio who is a Afghanistan veteran army veteran named Tony rankings who's a recovering drug addict addict and put his life back together more or less by getting a job in that from a company that benefited from the opportunity zones that the administration has approved in the past three years and also a top official from the US border patrol all lower keys whose working on the Texas border and I believe the president's immigration security message will be a top priority in this speech also thanks Dave Dave Boyer White House correspondent at The Washington Times twenty minutes down from the hour on this morning America's first news coming up next using a roadside Billboard of yourself to find it date how often do you think about your socks if you're like I used to be not much but I recently discovered socks the change the well think about socks forever there.

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