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At dawn on Friday October thirteenth. Thirteen O seven King Philip. The fair of France had every night temblor in his kingdom arrested on charges of heresy. He acted without the permission or knowledge of Pope Clement. The fifth taking God's justice into his own secular hands examples of the king's charges read as follows during the nights initiation ceremony. The brothers were required to deny Christ to spit on the Cross and to place three obscene kisses on the lower spine the navel and the mouth. They were obliged to indulge in carnal relations with other members of the order if requested by brother and finally they were small belt which had been consecrated by touching strange idol which looked like a human head with a long beard. These charges were focused on two things. One heresy that is beliefs out of line with Christianity's most basic tenants like the worship of Christ and the rejection of idols and secondly on sexual relations between brothers which according to the charges were not just rampant amongst brothers. But we're actually a ritualized part of life as templar. These were the worst crimes. A religious order could commit and as we discussed in our first episode on the subject in the Middle Ages the General Christian population was so deeply pious that these offenses were earth shattering. In fact even the order itself had to at least officially agree. It's official rule said that sexual relations between brothers was a horrible ungodly and unacceptable crime. It was grounds for expulsion from the Knights templar. The rule even tells the story of three brothers who committed with the text calls acts against nature all of them were brought before the grand master and put in irons. One escaped and defected to the middle. East one was killed in an escape attempt and one was permanently imprisoned. None remained a brother but according to fill up the fares accusations the rule had all been for show the punishments. Simply an example. He argued the nights. Were in fact forced to engage in sexual acts together beginning immediately upon initiation to the order with obscene kisses upon the naval continuing through daily life. At the time of the arrests. These accusations seemed to be based almost entirely in supposition and Rumours Albeit Supposition and rumours grounded on the very real premise that the knights were not perfect. Godly warriors rumors fed by the fact that they had the wealth power and status to hide any number of crimes but after the arrests suddenly the proof started ruling in many templars including grandmasters shocked. Malay- himself confessed hearings were held against the Knights in Paris between October and November of thirteen. Seven out of the one hundred thirty eight two positions. We still have from these. Only four show templars completely denying accusations and those four weren't important men. The KNEE ORDERS HIERARCHY. The leaders all confessed. This is an excerpt of October. Twenty sixth testimony of John of Tours the treasurer of the temple at Paris as recorded by the notary at the trial before his arrest. He was a trusted financial advisor of Philip. The fair quote on the order of the receptor. He denied Jesus Christ once only and spat upon the cross once. He said also on his oath that after this the receptor kissed him three times namely firstly on the base of the spine of the back secondly on the naval and thirdly on the mouth asked concerning the vow of chastity which was enjoined on him he said on his oath that he was prohibited from knowing women but if any natural heat should move him he could unite himself with his brothers and similarly he should suffer this from them. There are shades of the orders official reception ceremony. Here remember that. Kiss on the mouth but clearly. This is a very different version. One that closely follows King Philip's accusations. Most of the confessions like that of John of tour focused on the initiation ceremony with its blasphemy spitting on the cross and it's sexual overtones with the kisses on the lower back and navel many. The confessions all confirmed that during the initiation ceremony. The nights were instructed to have sex with their brothers whenever they wanted but few admitted to actually having that sex themselves or even hearing of other brothers doing so perhaps they were afraid to admit to such personal crime after all the initiation ceremony was in a sense inflicted on them as new recruits. Maybe they couldn't bear the shame of going out and choosing sex outside of Christian marriage for themselves but whether or not templars were encouraging or requiring ongoing sex between brothers. Even the confessions to spitting on crosses and giving naval kisses were enough to turn the tides on November twenty second Pope Clement. The fifth stopped resisting Phillips Accusations. He ordered the general arrest of the templars. Outside of France.

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