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At none other than the one and only Dr d David Schultz David. Here's the thing you gotta you gotTa Combat Tennessee and I know you. You're no stranger to honeydew less. I just got gonNA dog shit and the front yard dockyard in my front yards about twenty yards wide. It's about ten yards longer. My backyard is even smaller garden honeydew list and now that I know that you're a little bit kind of retired. You're still working but you're no stranger to the same lists. Oh Yeah I don't have a hundred degrees I got honey. Group book was does any good book. Bush has she come through. Your wallet goes and I guess you ain't GonNa go down there and move them. Pine trees from their mother trees ally moving them you move you move. I probably won't get eight tonight because of the sugar coated later. I'm sorry off the dog. I thought you were talking to the dog or something you know and I'm building a building out here with a deck and all that you know just away from the only so she can get over stuff out here her growing stuff you know and she comes out there this morning. She shakes her head no other now. What the Hell's wrong Houston? I ain't just letting it go. You know she looks at stuff before he misses dawn. When you know if different when you finish as you're working building a deck level everything from the bottom up when you start it might be two or three inches getting started until you get it all and they ended up getting done you know and then she comes never knew what the hell but isn't that beautiful. Yeah go ahead. I'm just got finished I told Ya I'M GONNA call you at ten o'clock in the morning on my time. Which is twelve o'clock your time because you over there in Tennessee and I was three minutes late and I ain't never laid for nothing. I would never liked to know Bokan because I was the first guy to build last attlee so the reason I was laid was because I called one of my greatest rivals in squared circle. Brenta Hitman Hart and I wanted to get a little backstory out him because I knew he wrote the forward to your book and have you call. Don't call me thank the real stone Dr David Schultz. So we're going to get into the muck and we'll talk all about the book because I want people to have reason to buy it I read it from cover to cover. It took me a while to read it. Because I'm such a slow ass reader but I enjoyed the hell out of it and Another so many stories that we can talk about. Just shoot the breeze anyway but one of the big questions. I asked this on the telephone. The the other day being an arrest on business and he was an army and then he was in Poland for three years. He was a truck driver. Your wife Peggy and you have to go over forty years now. Eight years This June it'll be forty eight years. Y'All hell did you do. Stay away on all of that. Now that I'm home you know as you know I gotta hide out the woods and stuff like is he goes live. I'm going over our her and the dog. She turned the dog loose and goes and finds me three or four pit bulls three or four hundred one but I got one good tracker. She didn't let him go. He'll track me down. You know I do economist training a little bit. You know but he just gone down down to your standing looking. But what are you doing here do you know? I didn't know that or not but let it. Yeah the great man. When you're out you're nobody around. You can do what you WANNA do. You know but forty eight years. And if she hadn't been with me forty eight years I'd probably be in jail or dead or something you know. I mean She is saved a lot of people labs in my in my time without her hurts up my grandkids and daughter and all that stuff and you know for something that I would do. I just Kinda laid back now and take it easy. I tried to until I get to talk people down talking about that the David when I was watching you watch your stuff in a ring and of course you're about a generation ahead of me and youtube went around way back today and I grew up in south Texas and rat before Wrestlemainia one when he was in New York and I know you've been through many different territories but you know when I watched and look back some of your promos. He'll cut in with a mangy in Oakland for those towns Pacific interviews to promote ticket sales. And stuff like that. And sometimes you. You'd go you talk so much trash at Jane. Couldn't even you poppy and you just talk some trash but but I really. I really figured in some of my conversations on the phone with you are characters You know a few years apart were in many ways very similar and just in my conversations with you on the phone I just I was wondering where you came up with the Persada because to me it seems real and it just seems like David shelter has gone from being turned up from a two to about eleven or twelve when I be kind of make an assessment rarely. Yeah that's You know when I was going up you know I I was poor. I still real for them and Anything won't and I had to. I had to fight but you know if I had something somebody wanted. They take it away. I had to keep it if I lost goodbye. I lost it so I learned a long time ago that a lot of times. You can talk your way above people you know if they thought you mean what you said you were going to do You know like you going up you know God help. We'll take newspapers okay. You take them. You won't take them no more the next day. I mean that you know. He didn't bother them in there and take my newspapers normal. But I always I love to talk with people you know and You know always tried to back up what I said off my trouble. I tell people you know. Hey Yeah if you say that one more time I'm GonNa tell you and they say it one more time I'll tell you know I gotta repetition even before a that You know hey if they tell you something watching all hell out of you. But that's the way I raised I three brothers and all of them were suffering. I was but It was Pretty well fighters to did you Matt Peggy. Because I know you guys were high school sweethearts but but yeah. So how did that come about? Football game One time we was in the junior high school football game and then I had a runner around fakher down and try to keep up with her and she kept being hard to get you know and then When I went on I mean everything. Stay in touch with her and all this and I got out soon as I got out. We got married and the rest was history. We whenever where on everything. And she's been great. This girl would not even all the wrestlers. Hey she will not open her mouth about anything that said or done around her because I told her a long time ago the wrestling this. You'll see a lot of things. It's not your business because you don't know what the guys what kind of situation they have with their wives or girlfriends or whatever. It's an none of your business. Keep your mouth shut because you don't know nothing about it. She said Okay and you know and she never did. I mean I think not her business with other guy do here. The wrestlers redefining. What she's seen in the business would probably But a lot of them On-road somewhere else ain't already on the road but she wouldn't speak up. She wouldn't say anything. I mean she knew a lot of the less leaders wives and stuff and she with other people or this person. Hey you don't know their situation and I've seen you. I've seen you on TV wrestling all like you said a couple of years apart between us but we were so much alike that you know if there's any better wrestler than I might would worry about in the rain or out of the range it would have been you because The way you go after people and stuff and it reminds me of me and I don't WanNa get me. I don't know what gets me but all these other guys that you know I never had a fear of any of I mean you know the biggest WIMP I have I have. I mean he he. He didn't have a place to stay when he started business. He'd come up our house out of house. My daughter Lake sleep her bedroom and she goes to the couch and he he was sleeping in the van and You know we can come real good but this guy was vigorous coward. I had ever seen now. We good brands. I'm just telling you out on the street and stuff and then but he was good entertainer learn how they're going to change and he did what he had to make money in that you know. I guess that's mainly gay. But when I'm saying there's nobody out there legitimately bad that I know except you would be the one I would have. I don't know if I don't WanNa Care Baseball Bat or I think David here I don't know from from an L. digits hand to hand combat. I just know there's different levels of tough you you've got your you've got your guys. And like I think you've got referencing. Beaucoup was one of the baddest guys that was ever to business. I think I was called into the mold of a man. I was like a cockroach you know. Take the punishment of the business town. Dr Almost get paralyzed finish match. The Oh yeah that kind of tough. I want to go back to you just as far as you gift of. Gab and I know you guys grew up dirt poor and before your father passed away. What was he doing line of work? I'm just wondering where you're gift of Gab. Come problem with talking your way out of situations backing up. Would you had to do or just being in the woods in Tennessee and Texas? When I started talking on my trash you know people WanNa and where did that come from well? That's just the people that I that I grew up hanging around and that kind of stuff that I started spitting out so that was my style so he would get Gab. Coming from from being poor talking your way out of situations or having a back your situation up that is just like camera naturally to you because you also as far going into your bounty hunter days were able to really not manipulate people but talk them into. Hey man you need to give yourself up. You've always had to give to persuasion. That's right that's right and let me tell you that helped me more The wrestling talk and interviews and all that and like Memphis all live interview. You know that when you were down there live. It wasn't no delay in anything and you had to concentrate on what you're saying you know you couldn't use curse words or anything else. They cut YOU RIGHT OFF IN MEMPHIS. Lot of places have a delay you know when they clean it up all that but you know it was so easy to do to talk to these guys though because like Lance Russell would just feed you feed you own Brown with the and I mean they would let you talk hotel loans. You was carrying on a conversation the Gab that they was interesting listen do they get they get So into you talking that they just about be memorized listening to you and they'd say Oh my God what am I going to be now guy you know he does. And I know I love Canada. That was where I I really loved that up within Leyland and he would go to hard to come out and say yeah this your gut it can talk and taking Followed up relax into and And then I got into Bali hunting. You know that was the that was the wrestling plates. Such a big art my bounty UN's but people would seem the all year on TV and go out. And I had people come here living largely. Oh Yeah Docherty's man. Yeah Oh yeah baen going jail him. Okay when did you start well?.

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