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Listen to Greg Olsen again, talk about routes, Travis Kelce. He talked about routes. And then we'll do some field work, just some releases, get a nice sweat going, running some routes catching the ball. And who better to throw these footballs rich than some NFL quarterbacks? Oh, who's coming? Who do you got? You know, my number one guy that got confirmed, Trey Lance. Okay. This my guy, Trey Lance had come down. Okay. You know, work on a couple other guys. I don't want to spoil the surprise and guys that haven't a 100% committed yet, but Zach Wilson's a maybe. So maybe we can peer pressure them to confine the confirming that he's going to come. Well, he's got two he's got not one but two new tight ends through free agency and one by draft. He's got to get on the page, man. He's got to be there. Yeah. Absolutely. I assume he's got him. You know, I got my long-term friend CJ bethards coming just because he's from Nashville he'll be there in a potentially Nick Mullins, one of my boys from the niners here, now at the big news. Yeah, but there's a couple other ones we're working on letting them confirm what they need to confirm. But it's going to be quite a show this year. That George kittle here on the outset of the second annual now let's call it that if you can do it every year now like that and it's presented by Sharm and tight end university June 22nd through the 24th year on the rich eisen show. You say Trey Lance is coming to throw. Hey George, you know, this is the narrative that's out there. And as you know, I traffic in narratives. That's what I do here on this program. Is that Trey Lance isn't ready, Jimmy G still on the team is ahead. And he's not going to be the guy, the niners aren't just going to turn the page to him. I disagree. I have an actual 49er who is bringing Trey Lance to his tight end university. I'm asking you, what can you tell everyone about Trey Lance and his readiness to be your week one starter this fall? George. I mean, if that's how it shakes down and Trey Lance is a starter, I'm excited about it. The things that he brings to the table and his athleticism and his rocket can and of an arm. It's going to be really fun. And it all be interesting. I mean, it's going to be a completely different quarterback than Jimmy G, you know, who's great on his drop, he's quick release. Trade is going to be a little bit more exciting. We're in the fact that like he's going to be extending plays a lot longer. We're using his legs to make up some stuff. So I'm looking forward to because it's going to be, I think, I feel like it's going to be a different offense. With Trey at the helm, and it's something I'm looking forward to. And this is the opportunity that comes with that. It's going to be pretty exciting. Well, I mean, I spoke to him just before the Super Bowl on this show, George and I asked him, you know, how much better he can get and what will make him better and he's like reps. He's the simple thing is reps and I could see like he was kind of itching to basically say this is my job and I want it and I should have it and I'm going to have it. He just couldn't say that sort of thing. Obviously. But I felt that from him. I'm wondering, you just ought to read people, don't you? I feel that way. George, I'm a reader, but I'm keep hearing from people calling the show and talking about what he can't be the guy. He's not the guy. If he was the guy you would have shown it last year, so on and so forth. What do you say? I mean, sort of thing. I mean, last year he was a 21 year old rookie. Right. You know, like you said, he just needs a reps. And he's getting those reps right now at OTAs. He's throwing the ball a lot. And once he's comfortable with coach Shanahan's system, because it's a lot going on, it's hard to play quarterback. Like I said, I'm excited to focus because things I do seem practice to throw that he does make how he sends a place just his vision. The only cut I really have left is growing pains or not. It's going to be it's going to be a fun night because of the things. And then someone who can help you for the growing page is someone like yourself and I'm going to go with this. I telegraph my passes. People can take 6 and a half. I stare down my receiver and that receiver's debo. Have you spoken to him? What's going on with him, George? What can you do? You know what I did talk to Devo a couple days ago. And what do you got for me? He was hanging out his newborn baby. Just hanging out with his family, working out. Just between us. All right. No one else. I didn't ask him anything about his contract. You know, I just said, hey, deebo, we love you here. And whatever's going on, wish you the best of luck. And then we talked about other things like shoes and stuff like that because we both love sneakers. Deebo is, I got it. Footwear, I get it. What can you then? All right, then let me ask you this. What can you tell me the narrative? I think it's like you just wanted.

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