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Aren't too upset about the disinformation that's coming out. I don't seem to be screaming all that loudly, Strangely enough today. Again. It's whose side is being helped. Since the Russian intervention is pro Trump. Therefore, you can't argue about Russian intervention too much with the president. Now, most Republicans said, yes, Russian invention is horrible is terrible, but you don't see them pushing the president hard. Teo, stop it, interfere with it. Because you don't go against this president. You just don't mean he owns the party to the extent that no president has ever controlled a political party the way that President Trump has done. And it's an extraordinary political move. He has gone from a complete clown, even amongst The seniority the Republican Party to now only dominated they're all scared to death of him. Terrified. As to what he could do to them. So Facebook Is doing something which is not enough. Not enough where we are going to get lies. We're going to get this information. We are going to get posts and there will be chats and they'll be on the ones that I hate. Can't stand When the Facebook is saying, Okay, we're gonna deal with it is the stuff that's coming out. And the Big One that's coming out is the vote. The Trump supporters. Donald Trump himself has said the photo, the vote is rigged. Mail in ballots rigged. Anything that helps the Democrats or the Democrats used more than the Republicans is rigged. That's the problem going to see it all of you to see that just it's insane that just started We have heard about it, and we've heard this forever. Okay, If this guy gets elected, I'm outta here. I'm moving out of the country. It's a little bit different this time. There seems to be a lot more reality to that. And I'll share that one with you. Then foodie Friday coming about 9 30, so we have still plenty more to cover. All right. Jennifer Jones, Lee what's going on in your world. The fire in the San Fernandina National.

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