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Time. Jeff Brown and Here are the five things you need to know. It's 6 15 President Trump's legal team presses on With Claims of election fraud Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promises a smooth transition to a second trumpet. Roesch in America continues its Tauron pace with Corona virus. One million new cases already this month cases in Massachusetts have tripled since Labor Day. Governor Baker says health officials are getting field hospitals ready again. Corbett outbreak at M C I Norfolk State and federal officials now calling on the governor to begin commuting prison sentences. Catholic Church once again under fire this morning, and now the pope speak in your kiss. Request a man in his first public comments following a report of the Vatican's mishandling in the case of defrocked American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Pope Francis has once again vowing to put an end to sexual abuse in the church. W. B C's Karen Regal reports on a local connection to disgraced Cardinal McCarrick and 2015 Cardinal Sean O'Malley was sent a letter warning of Theodore McCarrick behavior, alleging the different cardinal would often abuse others. O'Malley says he never saw that letter in 2018. O'Malley apologized. O'Malley was sent the letter because of his position with the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio. Cardinal O'Malley is commenting about the recent scandal with the Vatican, saying the church has much more work to do a man believed to be a writer or trainer. Is hurt after being stepped on by a horse at Plainridge Park race course. The man was conscious as he was taken to Rhode Island Hospital. The extent of his injuries not known at this hour well, the Corona virus pandemic continues to surge across much of the United States a million new cases in America so far this month. And hospitals are under strain with the new daily record of those needing medical care as well. Dr Peter Hotez with a grim outlook. He is with Baylor College of Medicine. I don't think the American people fully grasp how dire the situation that we're in right now is run a virus cases in Massachusetts have tripled. And hospitalizations have doubled in this state since Labor Day With another surge of Corona virus cases. The state of Vermont tells visitors to quarantine or stay out. Dr Anthony Fauci is optimistic about Pfizer's virus vaccine claims that expects most Americans will have access to the shot by next spring. 6 17 Wednesday morning Veterans Day here in Boston. It is clear skies just ahead of sunrise 61 degrees, already a decision by schools in North Attleboro to do away with snow days this winter. Is surprisingly not going over well with some students there. He's middle schoolers say they love the unexpected break They get from a snow day. We.

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