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In the media certainly thought that John Elway should get quite a bit of credit. Mike cliffs tweeted out the following isn't saving three million on case keenum and moving up around in the draft somewhat. Ingenious. I think when all this is over Mike Klis and John Elway again apartment together. No one thinks it's ingenious no one thinks. It's someone ingenious it's not. But. Does. John Elway deserve a little bit of credit for this. I'm yes, he does deserve a little bit of credit for being able to not only bring in a better quarterback. But also find a way financially to save the team about three million dollars over what they would have paid. If they would have just cut case keenum. And I think. You honestly, you could go either way I do give him a little bit of credit because look. It's done. He upgraded those two positions get some credit, but. Should we be exalting him as as ingenious? Now, we shouldn't because he made the mess. So he should have to clean it up. And he did get a little bit credit. Not a lot of credit. I think he's he's being credited by being called in genius. Because everyone that seizes trade is making fun of the Redskins. So they're basically saying, hey, he outs minded outsmarted. The Redskins gave them got a got a good deal. So I I think that's worth coming from. It's not that. He he figured out a way to get rid. You know, why don't know with my class? Mike cliffs, it's John Elway brush his teeth this morning Rian shrine him in the hall of fame. He didn't even have to buy close was there for. And that's the other thing too. Does John Elway deserve credit for Daniel Snyder's ineptitude and the people in the organizations apt to maybe a little bit. But he saw an opportunity may did he see it. Yeah. Well, if you look at the Redskins right now, it's like they're sitting on. Well, we have Colt McCoy right now. What else? So he said, oh, here's an opportunity. Right. They're looking for somebody to maybe. Battle with Colt McCoy, push Colton Koi. Start over Coleman, whatever. And he said let me let me see what I can work out with them. Did he know that? I think he did. Did he bring in Joe flacco knowing that he would be able to trade case keenum to the Washington Redskins? I think he knew that there was opportunity to trade, case keenum. I don't think he had something in place or in mind. But I think he looked at the at the landscape and said. I can work this out. Certainly doesn't feel like they went part and parcel is certainly didn't seem like it was flacco in keenum out in one swift move. It took a little bit of time, which you know. Again, brings up the question. Did he know that there was an opportunity? Did he expect to be able to trade him or did? He just say I want flacco, and I'll figure out the rest later again level of credit being deserved by John Elway. And I'm okay with you giving him with people giving him credit, but I'm also, okay? If you want to sit there, and you know, repurpose that Chris rock bid about getting credit for something you're supposed to do. Now. Don't do that in public because as very different connotations. And I you might get in trouble for it. But if you want to sit here and say that John Elway doesn't deserve credit for fixing his own mass. That's fine too. I think you could go either way on that. But the point the bottom line here with the Denver Broncos is that when Vic Fangio was hired. They were better off than the day before. When Joe flacco is brought in they were better off at quarterback than the day before. Now, they are better off financially than they were the day before now that they've been able to trim another three million off of their salary cap number, and it opens them up and projections have them. Think right now a little over twenty with the potential.

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