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Customer that wasn't enacted by this across the board and in some cases particularly particularly in states it has been severely impacted that Hold On of course in some countries like Italy. You're seeing the Act Office. We haven't come across any customer of that That wasn't impacted and the suffering. Trying to stay afloat. And we've already heard some bad stories but booking that he's going to in fairly salm it's interesting to me whenever one of these global crisis comms and I've been through many of them. I told my wife now. This is my last recession. I think I can weather. I'm Kinda done after this but I almost feel like Raju. It's a game of musical chairs right in. Every recession had its own character affects different kinds of people. And you never know where you're going to end up like so for this. This particular recession restaurants are hit really hard or movie theaters or stores but the people in the delivery business. They're doing or if you offer your civil service online. They're doing great. You just never know where you're going to stand and it does have unintended consequences because things definitely keep flowing all way down the chain. Don't they generally and what we're seeing is? The initial part of it is recording back to the middle but what we haven't come to the ripple effect on the land. I think that is GONNA be. I believe could be scary so this is not something that would end with covered nineteen but there is a carnival handle student economic impact. That could be a that. Could last several seven months income case even possibly. It's several years probably. I'm also worried about the emotional cost. It is for Small Business Owners. Because you've dealt with small business owners for so many years and it's hard to own your own business and even under normal conditions it takes a toll. How can we really help? Small businesses during this time support them not only economically but emotionally emotionally is more important at this point because an isolated right and it's important that it has to be done as a community and for businesses allows individuals this is not the time to really profit from From the situation this is the time where we process and see how we can come out of this as a community together and basically you know handsome and to pull together and make sure that decline more of a social thing that is the key. I think emotionally. We ought to be dead this morning. I saw a landline that Sentiments as publicly on on quicker asking the tenant not to pay the rent instead against US money to keep the The healthy did employs. That's hot love to see more of those emotional impact. Where each one does this part and we can come out of together. And I think it's done in a lot of different ways in one of the things. I like about the tools that your company has like Zo home meeting. You're able to connect through video with people and I think without the social contact of being in person that video takes on an entirely new way and use. Don't you think it takes a new land use and if used well it can be very impacted frequently do a lot of video calls. We're to start clear but increasingly solo but because everyone is staying home now obviously went home. Gets coming coming to your room even as you do work and we make it. Ask bottle of the communication now. Interestingly in all the kids and their families off on employees as well you can turn it into something something pasta as well and video conferences on Bruin family. All of these things that are out of it I think can I believe they'll be something good? Come over scandal today about video and I was never a fan of video because it's like well I don't want to see what I look like or things like that but now it's really a way to keep me focused and it's almost almost as good as being there with them and you're right. You can actually see a picture of them inside their home. So it does bring people closer. Gobs newly does bring people closer and families closer. You're not meeting Just a your colleagues family leave for Christmas parties instead. Now you you get working as a community as a family to get get these things get out of this particular situation. It connects emotionally talking about the emotional burden that easy and crucial here right because people still. I think you WANNA be something. They want to be a part of something that is greater than themselves. They want to be an admission. And if you can try to solidify your employees during a very difficult time to be part of a larger mission. It really goes a long way in having a loyal community early eighties. The tough times that really determine the actual of personality often of individual our company. How empathetical you hope you know. What at the moral values that that caddy does insperity show off using the F. Times it's important that does that was in check and employees taking care community in taking care. Act US. Make sure that the community has been well if somebody needs to so. I loved when you guys launched today the Small Business Immerse G subscription assistance program. Tell us about it and why it wasn't important initiative for zo how to support the been hearing from some customers who have been linked to even be in a small monthly. Because doing the tough times did not have any income. I mean they had to shut down. The storms events will cancel bathing. Suit reading smoke. Cancel so they'd have knowing but then the cow expenses to pay so gilding dispute did not having any income if we can help to reduce those expenses. That'll help these business. Stay afloat when things come back so from our side we wanted to or.

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