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I am back as a very last night actually was a little bit into today from from Florida. We'll be back again. In a handful of days as well for a road trip for south, beach wine and food fast. But the last couple of days we gear up for that day when we fast again, of course, the the Super Bowl of stock car racing. The Daytona five hundred in today's show, we're going to have a bunch of different things we kind of gear up for that. We have a bunch of stuff from the speedway. We're going to have some check ins with some of your favorite drivers. Some of the people will have on today. Hermes Sadler is going to be joining us. He's one of those great personalities. You know, not always is it the most successful drivers on the track. That of the kind of guys that the economy known love and participant, Kenny Kenny wall is one of those guys to he certainly been a successful driver. I think to get to the point where you're thought of as a great personality in the sport getting into certain hall of fame, and you certainly you're got to be a talented driver. So for sure, but maybe not in the Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt kind of range, but Hermes salary Elliott Sadler. One of the most popular drivers. And people love them. They've got a great voice, and we're gonna be talking with with her a little bit later on the program. Jamie little as far as that broadcast and a lot of things happen over at FOX which has that first half of the NASCAR season. She'll be joining us along with Adam Alexander, the main guy there, and then also Bob pockets now Bob is one of the leading voices on the the writing side in motor sports, you know, him from sporting news so many years with ESPN. And and now we gotta he kicks off. I think he's been going to the Daytona five hundred every year since nineteen Ninety-two sometimes controversial voice, whether it's in the garage or with the drivers he's not always making everybody happy, but an important voice excited to have him out a little bit later on as well when it comes to drivers we're going to be checking in today with Jimmy Johnson seven time champion in the Cup series. Kyle Busch looking for his first eight hundred five hundred Martin treks junior again, looking for his first as well and talk a little bit about that move over. Joe Gibbs racing clip boy is going to be talking with us as well. Always one of our favorites. Good friend coming up at three o'clock in this kind of ties into next week stuff where we take that road trip. Kind of the family road trip kind of the food family road trip to south beach is Adam Richmond. You know, he's one of the favourite personalities out there people. His fan base is is passionate, you know, him as kind of the original man versus food, and he's got his show. Secret eats barbecue champs a bunch of different things food fighters on NBC. So he's done a ton of things and always has a real thoughtful perspective, not only on on the food side of things. But certainly the travel side of things we cover transformative travel here as well. So a little bit after three o'clock excited to have him on with us as well. And then also look into have I think Scott paddock from Chicago land speed was going to call and enjoy us live from the speedway to talk about some things happening where they're tying in cool things happening here in in the area in the summer for our big race. And we've got some cool stuff. We're gonna be announcing in the next. A couple of weeks. But also ways that it ties in to the Daytona five hundred. So we're gonna take a quick break. We're gonna come back. We're gonna have me sadly, live from Daytona. So keep it here on the road with Dane seven twenty WGN..

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