Dallas Cowboys: what you might not know about Jason Witten



Catches for Jason Witten next season with the Cowboys years coming back. Yes. I heard that. So in his last fourteen seasons with the Cowboys. He never have fewer than sixty three catches never even when Tony Romo left and Dak Prescott was there who supposedly didn't throw him. He had sixty nine and sixty three catches older gonna throw to Amari Cooper will through the desert Prien Witten still made these catches. So the only way you can go under to me if you think he's going to get hurt. But in those last fourteen seasons, he missed two games two games in fourteen seasons. So I'm going over. I'm going to go under. You're just dismissing Dak Prescott corvette sixty nine sixty three talking about a guy. All right. So the last time he played with six catches, right? It's funny last season fifty playlists I get it you come walk right back and everything on the tight end tight is about twenty as they got a running back. They got to have that one. You know that when he was there. What do you thinking? How many are you thinking less than that? And I'm worried about him. I think when a guy does miss that much time. I think that's an injury start to crop up a little bit.

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