Tennessee Lady Vols basketball: Holly Warlick should be fired by UT


Then one thing to remember about Holly Warlick is she really never pursued coaching jobs. She was all time assistant UT in didn't have a lot of ambition about being a head coach she was really content here. And she was an integral part of Pat summitt staff for many years. She was Pat summitt point guard and I live over the last season when Pat was coaching and that was extraordinarily difficult because Pat was not anywhere near one hundred percent the Alzheimer's without an effect. But she was still coaching. And she was on the bitch. And she was head coach at least in title, but Holly was really having to run the team, and she was also having in a way to kind of help manage Pat because of a very vicious disease. And I just thought she did a remarkable job because she's not just dealing with their boss. She's dealing with a very close friend. And I thought it was just an extremely difficult thing to get through. And she did that. And I think I think most fans really like Holly Wardi, they really do. She's a very likable person on the most likeable coaches of been around. But they're just comes at time. When you've got to let the wins and losses and what's going on with the program and make a change. And that's what they'll applaud when these did it

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