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An and kramer did an amazing job with echoes technically one the most difficult movies ever made it has in it all these exteriors and there's no there's no doub sound that in loop any scenes later they were met there they're shooting with this these big cinerama type cameras these big seventy millimeter cameras and it's moving all over the place and they're they're they're doing panning and hit the camera work is amazing and they never had to go back and redo the audio and place it's a temporary so well done to start work is amazing yeah the flies stanley enough rife all at this yeah the while the physical stunts um you know we're we're we had almost nobody left from that movie mar marvin kaplan passed away here we had marvin here and wonderful man we're down out i think carl reiner berry cherry chase nick giorgadze may be one other and if you look at this the stunt people had lived much longer than the people they were doubling yeah and i i always wish with mad mad world they they had had a whole separate crew just filming the actors offscreen now yeah yeah th the the everybody said we wish somebody was filming jonathan winter's and dick sean because they they spent the whole shoot it entertaining the cast everybody was taught who who everybody i've ever met who work on that movie talked about how jonathan winners would just do an hour in between takes and and entertain people and sometimes dick sharm to come in and try to compete with him and they got this they got a kind of rivalry going and there's one scene were were winter's character gets mad at chauhan's character on camera and it's kind of like there's with hostility from offcamera came out.

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