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I just makes a lot of sense for me from that regard. And as far as the horse I would put in my top three rounded out, I would go with Lexus celi. I just think she's on a horse. She runs her races every time. She's done well here. There's some other reasons too, but we only have so much time. And I want you to tune into analysis tomorrow. I was going to say, I feel like I see your face and hear your voice during these race days because you know, I have my TV on and I'll look over every half hour and there's rents. So I appreciate you taking some time for us today. And of course, we'll be talking to all throughout the season and folks can of course find you on the Twitter machine or a Tampa Bay downs dot com where your selections are posted, but on Twitter at ren carruthers, where you'll also post your picks as well. So look forward to it. It's going to be fun. It's going to be so much fun. Everybody, you better tune in and you better play along because otherwise you're going to be missing out on the party. Margaret said, if handle goes down, old Jace is right out the door. Oh no. We love you more ago. There you go. All right, we'll be right back after the short time out. It is a Wednesday edition of the JCB horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spire. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast, brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to rent for others for joining us. Hope you guys enjoyed the conversation. Hope we put you on to some winners. Our last couple shows. I think we're at 53 minutes already. I always shoot for 40 to 45. That I feel like is the good win to open. I know we did more than that with pat coming yesterday and obviously we did more than that today. I might just mail it in for Thanksgiving. You guys might get 15 minutes tomorrow. If you're lucky. Now we'll have a good conversation tomorrow. I'll let you know how opening day went a Tampa. We'll talk about some of the big races coming up this weekend, obviously a huge weekend in the world of racing, but again, no Friday show. I get the holiday off. So we'll of course recap all of the big holiday stuff on Monday's show, which I looking forward to as well. So we will see you guys back tomorrow, everybody have a good Wednesday hope you join us for opening day Tampa and wish me luck. Hope I don't screw it up. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be fine. I'll see you guys tomorrow..

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