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I read the zero players. They can start sitting him every once in a while. If they want to like get his head right in fact he sat against owning. The a surprise early in else is coming like this. Like or like a phantom. You are no i'm fine. No you're hurting your fatigued. We think you're fatigued. I think i'm great. I'm ready to go. i'm just starting to feel it ain't feeling shit. Get on the exactly. Yes that's where we are with balance it probably not everybody right. Check your wire. But i think a of need to cut him. I really do because. I don't know what you're hanging on for especially if you're keeping them in the lineup with like a foam oh attitude of. I don't want miss generally get that. Like i don't like i never bench louise castio at any point this year and i feel pretty avenged on that based on how brilliant. He's been lately You know and so. It's not always something where i am ready to pull the plug and finally said. I'm often to patient. But i think i think it's a gots to go situation right now with bellinger and we'll regroup for for twenty twenty twenty twenty two and frankly if he pops off you could buy them back to. It's always pain painful to do that. But no you can't because someone in your league. We'll pick up the name i am saying. Oh i you're you're probably right but i'm just saying like if he does linger out there and starts to someone will pick him up. There's always somebody good then then also not only will you get out from under it. But you'll waste somebody's fab just because iran those numbers through through the Calculate fingertips calculator auction calculator while we were talking Big name just was like underneath Bellinger that i just wanna like mentally. How bad is michael conforto in year. I almost did did this with him. bellinger took conforto spot. Just because i feel like conforto you know what i think. I answered a question about him and chat recently. We actually haven't talked about him recently on the pod saw Yeah we could have done the same thing with him and a pretty much share all the same notions like which is so weird. Like he's he's gotta be heard because he's walk in thirteen and a half times dragon at twenty two percent of the time hidden one ninety nine. It's rough Shower leagues i mean. This is not a fifteen thing with bellinger and conforto. I get that you gotta keep that kind of talent to at least see what's up even if you're benching it but in other leagues. Like twelve tens. You can't wait too long. You gotta pick up something. That's giving you some production you gotta get on some of these hot streaks even if you take ortega for two weeks and then cut him and get somebody else and then cut that guy get somebody else down a lot you know you gotta you gotta keep sticking move and intense and that's that's what finally learned and that's why ben competitive in my head to head ten but it took two years of me getting my clock cleaned. 'cause i'm hanging onto these star guys or even guys that aren't quite stars like two years ago. I'd still have laura's guerrero on my team in attend cheaper. That only uses three outfielders. Gets i love this guy and this year i finally. I had him. And i don't even play twelve. I mean you gotta play what you're comfortable and i figured out the comfort level and i still in most comfortable and fifteens but i've gotten better at twelve's intens and figuring out when to pull the plug and you're gonna make some bad moves at certain points. There's no doubt about it but that's not the point you keep moving. You can't worry about that. And he has part of the problem. Is we worry about that. 'cause fifteen's you're probably not picking up anything all that great so when you do make that move. I cut him for this two bit. Idiot that i've already cut six weeks ago. Oh my god wanted. I do but intended for freaking jock peterson. But then i kept peterson for three weeks. And then lamont wade went off again because frigging belt got hurt and so i have weighed right now and i don't care that i cut bellenger you know. I think he's just got to keep moving forward. So i would cut conforto as well under all the same principles that i'm talking about here with bellinger. Let's talk you on moncada. it's not quite as grim in terms of just like painful awfulness. It's not very good either though to twenty nine overall in the player raider twenty-second at third base does have nine homers and. He's two for foreign stolen basis. This is ten teamer exclusive. I don't think twelve teams are cutting him but do ten teamers. Should they be moving on from you on moncada. I don't think so Coming why nothing recent. That's going to do it. I'll tell you that. No i mean i look. He's got nine percent. Barrel percentage since june first to fourteen three fourteen fifty seven five homers and the both of the steals that that he has on the air. Yeah i just. I'm probably the wrong person asked got here. He is no hit the longest. He's been on base once this month. Okay yeah i think you probably can. I mean we. I can't like say like guys. Like toro are really interesting and worth picking up leagues and then not say that. The guys like moncada. Who are struggling aren't worth dropping like of gabby where we just have to be brutal about it. And yeah probably. He's probably droppable intending leaks and is so hard. Because you know there's so many pickup articles out there. There's so many pickup pickup that they never tell you what to kai. Yeah and so that you'll have making these decisions. That so harness like we'll keep them montoro toro probably out there in most ten. Should you not get one of them for for For for for ghana. I think you can make an argument for sure. I think patrick wisdom could to especially if you need power if you need if you mocatta was like for batting average for you. He is still hitting two fifty six which is not the end of the world. Wisdom is not gonna help there so maybe he's not the fit in that realm. But i do think the other two guys that we just mentioned could and again your waiver pickup on the week has third base eligibility and espn animal ten minute. I'm i'm on keeping the name until we get to that segment but your guy could be could be somebody to go for some. That's quick moncada. Because i'm not gonna go any deeper. That's just where i'm at too. There's no pop. There's no speed too decent average but the runs aren't even that great either and that would be the one thing that you would at least be thinking like okay. If as long as i'm getting runs an average i can do it. But he's pacing for seventy eight runs. It's just not there for moncada right now and it's unfortunate because i really thought he could break out this year and be a monster. You almost wonder how much the kovic getting covered last year. In as one of those guys that really struggled with it talked about really struggling with it. How it's still affecting them. Yeah exactly because it was so impactful. Last year she still having issues. Maybe causing some extra fatigue what Let's go into the waiver..

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