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Gerski finishes his warmup tosses communicate something to his infielders this is not a situation with a three hundred verdoux go at the plate but vantaa double steal or a hit to the outfield he wants to make sure he has the correct coverage the double switch puts shane opitz at second base and opitz will bat i in the pitcher's spot in the home half of the seventh inning whenever that occurs noriega out in the pitcher spot is now batting eighth lefty lefty matchup as the left handed hitting alex virgo takes an off speed pitch outside from gerski ball one at second jake peter the tying run at first donovan solano the go ahead run last night's game was a four three final it's the score right now one zero to virginia go another off speed pitch this one hits the outside corner virgo turns away from the called strike that he didn't like one and one in the ondeck circle the cleanup hitter henry rama's for google to for two with a pair of singles and a what he's reached all three times tonight gerski fastball at ninety singers the outside corner wanted to game plan seems to be to pitch a way to go to off speed pitches a fastball all of which have been on the outer half gerski ahead one two from the stretch the delivery off speed pitch mrs outside and it's taken two and two nothing inside yet to verduga who was batting two ninety four on the year four home runs fifteen runs batted in.

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