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What's up, Tyler, just talking about the important issues of the day. Beirut explosion. Asked me on the beach Muppets. Chase, and I was kind of chime in on that nobody ever heard of a product called Body Glide. They sell it at a sporting goods that short for Richard. Don't you say it on the air? I've been hearing about this today. Sounds like the hottest new product. I must say People are talking about this like it changed their lives. That's great stuff. It's like a deodorant stick, but it's like Auntie chat. Anti cheif. Thank you. Definitely. Vitiated Fraggle Rock. Fraggle Tze from Fraggle Rock are not Muppets either, right? I mean, Joey Flash came in here and, you know, made a big scene and said he knows about the winter workings of the of the Muppet and these Air Muppet just because they were created from the Muppet Master shop or something doesn't make the Muppets and I'm going to believe him because he seems to know his stuff. He's Muppet knowledgeable, but the one thing I will not back down from is that Sesame Street? Is full of Muppets. You gotta live alone. I drew this from our because I'm very well, Thank you very much. What's going on with you? I was curious when you were listening on puppet movies. You didn't mention Muppets Christmas Carol version Is that a Muppet movie? Muppet Christmas, Carol? Well, no one said That sounds good to me. But Christmas, Carol Of Michael came wasn't a TV special. I don't know if there's a TV special. I know that you can you can get on Amazon prime and different sharing services, so I don't know if it's strictly hold on. It was a 1992 American musical fantasy comedy film. Produced by Jim Hanson Productions and released by Walt Disney. The film was directed about released On the severed too modest box office success. So yeah, that is a ah, that is a Muppet movie. For whatever reason that one escape me. I don't date never resonated with me. Even though I did Ebeneezer Scrooge in our radio production of a Christmas carol it real radio in Orlando for several years in a row. But I never for whatever reason that one never resonated with me. Did you like it? I loved it. I think it's one of the best Christmas Carol versions. Interesting. Thank you very much. I think Scrooge does the best one that would Bill Murray, right. Eyes up there. Thank you. I okay. I'm ready to blow your mind. I think I got the kill shot here. Thank you to my tea to the warriors out there, sending me fact Warriors. Are you familiar with the show Sam and friends. Sam and friends. Yes. No. OK, well, from what I'm being told, from what I'm seeing the Muppets originally appeared on a show called Sam and Friends. So the salmon friends the Muppets existed before the Muppet Show, which you're using, as the on ly really great on how you even become a muppet. So if Muppets existed before the Muppet show You have to be open to them existing after or outside of the Muppet show,.

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