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They got a they got him and look see they're holding his arm so he can't fuck and snap how hard is that just let him snap his fingers didn't fuck it tony do that oh so simple cops trotter geniuses there was a guy dressed as fan obviously walking down young street in toronto and the cops pulled up and the guy who's a forty two year old cost player shit himself pick the cups pulled up but it turns out that the guy in the cop car was sergeant nolde agoos mun he's just a huge marvel fan so we got out and say can i get a picture with you pretend like arresting you because my daughter would love it are you should me so he didn't really get in trouble they posed those pictures of him arresting fads took a shit ton of photos and then released horrible or canadian police they're so nice like erica the guy would have been shot in america everyone's scared of the police but account of ood can we selfie with you mean well crimes going on behind the whatever we'll get to that hey great cost play you should kill maura oh she's alive in stone spoilers he took the photo because he wanted to show his daughter said sergeant goes he's like look out daddy wastes taxpayer money it's either the donut shop tim hortons or this eight i'm thankful that it put a smile on many people's facing as great bowman gray a little bit of levity because we were the cause player though was carrying fucking weed he's like oh that's the one thing they frown on their no soon they're about to be completed i'm here they're gonna move over all countries legalizing.

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