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I mean, those were the kind of the two things that I played that he would come and watch and just thought that I'd hung the moon or it could be Venus's Rena when in fact I was losing at third doubles. You know, in my high school match, but anyway, but yeah, so that was great. And then I have my stepdad John. They're both both my dad's. Her name John, so I have two Johns, and John Pearson, my stepdad. Also, while he always wanted, he was a big basketball player, and a basketball coach. And he always was giving me a hard time with love about that I should be play basketball. He coached like a 7th and 8th grade middle school team and would get me out, you know, during the halftime and get me to shoot and he's like, Jimmy, you got a gift. You've got a gift, and I'm like, no, no, I don't. You don't want to play basketball. I don't want people in my face. I don't want people, you know, elbowing me, whatever. So yeah, it's always just nice to have a parent. Now, I like a parent that cares, but isn't over involved. And luckily, we get to talk to one today, which is going to be great. So you want to tell us about who we get to talk to? Yeah, so we may be all about mom power around here at another mother runner. But that's not to say we don't appreciate all of the dads out there, too. So in honor of Father's Day, this month we're bringing on one totally hands on and downright impressive dad. None other than Ryan Hall. Yes, the Ryan Hall, you know, the American record holder and a half marathon, the sub two O 5 marathon runner, the first U.S. runner to break the one hour barrier and the half marathon. Since he retired in 2016 at the age of 33, Ryan has become quite the Uber dad and husband. And today we'll hear all about his somewhat unconventional life now supporting all of his and girl. All of his girls, which includes in coaching his wife, Sarah hall, who is one of the best American distance runners in the history of the sport, and their four daughters. So that's right, Ryan is a lone male in the hall household. Ryan, you might have to correct us. I think all of your dogs are even girls too. We do have one boy dog. Okay. Yeah, there's a lot of females in there. In your house. So many of you might be familiar with Sarah and Ryan's journey as parents, which began when they adopted four girls four sisters, we should say from Ethiopian 2015. And we'll have a chance to hear all about that from Ryan, as well as get to his day to day, which also involves a pretty intense training schedule of his own. So welcome, Ryan. First of all, congrats on joining an exclusive, small and mighty club of male guests on the other mother runner podcast. We're so glad to have you here. Thanks for having me, guys. I'm stoked to be on the show. Yeah, so Ryan catches up on life lately as a dad. It seems like you always have so much going on with your daughters, activities with Sarah's career as a pro runner. We're sure it's very hard to balance and keep track of. So let's just start with the names of your daughters. There are ages and what they're into right now. Yeah, so Hana is our oldest. She's 17..

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