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Eating share the same europe that like i said my i'm focused on a guys that are here and those are the guys at working within this ota's process and phase three was the guy concentrate on two focused on john f nfl analyst and former patriot assistant eric mangini of loonier could be back a while here partner eric into those comments by check nothing he's been he's been saying exactly the same thing since i was with him back in nineteen ninetythree in cleveland when he was head coach browns he's never going to talk about a player that's not there because it becomes it's not one question it's thirty questions it consumes the press conference and that's just what he does and actually makes a lot of sense system move on it so he can't even say the guys the reigning mvp could say i'm not worried at all about tom he'll be here when it's mandatory couldn't just give it a little bit of lip serve no go go you made as you said he's been one thing he's been consistent that's the way he addressed all players not there at the time that they're doing something be ot as many capital whatever the case may be i'm addressing i'm i'm worried about the players that are here i'm not going to dress the ones that are not here and he he may say it is that's the in question because once you go there now is fifteen questions nothing else gives asked is about tom is it true about tom listen tom brady is not showing up what reason i still believe that he'd looked set because guess what he could have been resting before now mr craft had a statement saying that you know spending more family tom brady you to have kids because he's been family and he's been coming ota's now all of a sudden at the disk comes out and late there early january now he's not coming i've always felt the rob gronkowski was gonna play i've always felt that he wanted his contract rea dressed and they're going to do that and he'll be there but to say that there's nothing going on between coach belichick and tom brady would be dissing.

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