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Both loti. zygmunt arrived in england as refugees from poland having fled from the german army's invasion of poland in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine the pair that met leads and eventually married in nineteen fifty one on the day he disappeared. Zygmunt went shopping in the morning with his cousin lasca. Who'd been staying with him and lottie for the previous couple of months. When they returned the family sat and ate lunch together after witch segment left the house saying he was going to buy some potatoes from the local store. Something they needed for the food they were going to prepare for the wedding. As loti recalled it had been a bright sunny day when she saw her husband for the last time that he taken his wallet with twenty pounds cash and worn a stripy jacket. None of which was found on him in the coal yard. The couple had been happy. She said as far as she knew and has ziggy a devoted husband. In fact it recently decided to retire from work in order to come a full time carer as she suffered from multiple sclerosis. The decision had also been prompted by segments own ill-health naming his chronic bronchitis brought on by twenty three years of working as a miner at the nearby lofthouse colliery the mining company had refused his application at first but eventually agreed to the request. After an appeal loti had received the letter confirming their decision. Two days after her husband went missing. Loti just couldn't understand what possibly could have happened telling the officers that her husband well liked and respected and had no enemies anywhere unable to shake the feeling that despite the fact he died from natural causes something more sinister had taken place allen to had begun to suspect something. A little more complicated had occurred soon after speaking with lottie allen and the dc made a visit to the local grocery store where the owner confirmed that zygmunt had indeed wolf potatoes from his shop shortly after three thirty pm on the sick making him. The last person to see a danske alive back at the station. Malcolm was busy calling round hospitals to see if they had any record of fifty six year. Old man fitting zigmunds description being treated for burns or any other injuries. But they had nothing a few days later. Allen came across some intriguing inflammation. We often talk about how the advent of streaming has revolutionized the way be engaged with audio and visual content placing countless numbers of films. Tv shows and music tracks at our fingertips. But did you know. This has also been happening for books to described as the net flicks. 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The man was adamant that there was nobody there. But that time. Allen quickly realized if the man's recollection and the coroner's calculations were correct but danske must have died before his body made it to the co yard in other words. Somebody must have put him there. Allen that the revelation eat away at him for a few days before finally compiling a report of his findings strongly advising c. I d did. They should treat the case as a possible murder in response. A senior cit officer was sent down from the headquarters in nearby halifax to discuss the case with him. They're meeting proved to be a very brief one. However when the man told ellen in no uncertain terms to forget the case and move on a little put out but with no choice to accept the man's instructions allen did his best to forget it and concentrate on the rest of his responsibilities and though he still couldn't quite shake that gruesome image of the terrified. Look on the man's face. he soon began. Put the whole thing behind him. Then in september something else unusual occurred it was malcolm alerted him to the front page article in the local paper. Regarding the result of the inquest into zygmunt. Adamski death the coroner had returned open verdicts in the case. It was strange because as far as allen could make out the decision had been reached without drawing on the vital information he uncovered. The full report only seemed to cloud things even further. Wherever danske had been in the five days between leaving his house and being found dead he'd been eating well and was found to have only one day's worth of stubble growth on his face. He was also judged not been sleeping rough in that time. No evidence of a stroke or any other brain injury with found that might account for the suffering of temporary amnesia as an explanation as to why.

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