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LA. Can you take us? Your phone calls in just a moment. I see lines are loaded here, folks commenting on my question. Did the Trump supporter in London have the right to stand and deflate the humongous? Trump baby balloon if a call finishes and align opens up, you can try to sneak in eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine a nationwide number eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine your thoughts on a Trump supporter stabbing the Trump protester baby balloon. So we'll get you calls in just a second. I, I wanna squeeze in this breaking news in the last twenty minutes or so. The Florida Department of law enforcement, or the FDLE. They put out a news release at three oh, eight eastern time today that the FDA has arrested Scott Peterson for child neglect negligence and perjury. This couldn't happen to a nicer guy, folks Scott Peterson was the Broward County deputy sheriff, the school resource officer and Marjory, stoneman Douglas, high school on February fourteenth twenty eighteen when the former student went in and massacred students and, and faculty and Scott Peterson heard the gunshots gave a bogus story that he didn't know it was coming from inside a building, which is absolute garbage absolute crap. And did not run to the shooter in Virginia Beach on Friday, folks. The Virginia Beach police officers. They rushed that building to engage with that shooter right away. There are other cases and other school events or other shooting events with police rushed in that's how they deal with these incidents after Columbine back in what nineteen ninety nine is. You don't wait. You don't wait for swat. You've got to engage the issue of Scott Peterson was he came up with some bogus story that he thought the shots were outside someone that is a load of crap. I know one a shot sounds like when it reverberates out side versus what a shot sounds like when it comes from inside a building, you're standing, right outside of the muffled sound of gunshots from inside a building unmistakable. I've shot indoors. I shot outdoors. For for decades. And that's why never bought Scott Peterson story and Scott Peterson the share of the, the deputy sheriff the school resource officer if he wanted gone in. How many lives could he have saved if he wanted engaged the shooter right away, and the shooter was then focused on the law enforcement officer versus trying to take out of the students? How many other students and Marjory stoneman Douglas would be alive today? If Scott Peterson Peterson's coward deputy sheriff if he had gone in. So the press release from the Florida Department of law enforcement from just a short time ago. The headline is that FDLE arrest. Scott Peterson for child neglect negligence and perjury share some of this for media released June fourth twenty nineteen the dateline on this is Fort Lauderdale Florida following an investigation by FDLE. Former Broward sheriff's deputy Scott Peterson fifty six was arrested in Broward County today on seven counts of neglect of a child and three counts of culpable negligence and one count of perjury. The arrest comes after a fifteen month investigation into the actions of law enforcement following the Marjory, stoneman Douglas, high school shooting, the FDLE investigation shows former deputy Peterson did absolutely nothing to mitigate the Marjory stoneman Douglas shooting that killed seventeen children, teachers and staff and injured seventy. Eighteen others. Absolutely nothing. I was railing against this. I told you that this happened as well as many other commentators as well. And students. I mean the anger. The absolute spewing hatred and anger that this school resource officer sworn to protect the public and certainly kids in a high school, the fact that he did not go in to that gunfire to track that shooter down, even to distract, you, you get to distract the shooter from taking shots. And other students if he would have gone right in. How many more students could have been saved would still be with their families in their parents today? I've been angry about this, since this occurred, and I'm repeating exactly what I've said countless times on this program while talking about this. The FBI investigation shows that former deputy Peterson did absolutely nothing to mitigate the shooting. According to FDLE Commissioner Rick swearing-in swear. Again. There can be no excuse for this complete inaction, and no question that his inaction cost lives, I knew this all along this common sense. I was pleased the Florida Department law enforcement in conjunction with the state attorney's office conducted a thorough investigation that yielded the arrest of Scott Peterson all the facts related to Mr. Peterson failure to act during the massacre, clearly warranted bowl termination of employment and criminal charges. It's never too late for accountability and Justice. The new Broward County sheriff, Gregory Tony said. So the, the, the report goes on the release goes off. But that's, that's the main crux of the details here. I'll tell you what happened is Scott. Peterson was close to retirement and accrued all kinds of, you know, pension money and he sure made the decision, you know what I'm close to retirement. I'm gonna live out my years after I retire. I'm gonna get probably a private sector job as well as all my pension money flooding in, and I'm not going to risk getting hurt or killed. That is a cowardly action. I'm sure that's went through his head. He needed to storm that building he needs to go in and find those gunshots five shooter and neutralize the shooter and he did not. So I'm glad that he was arrested and charged today on these multiple counts of, of perjury and child neglect, because he failed those kids he failed them. Seventeen people dead and seventeen. Others were wounded because of the inaction of coward. Former Broward County deputy sheriff Scott Peterson. Just a, a nightmare. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine the nationwide number here on Schnitt. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine so let's grab some phone calls. Thanks for your patience. I wanted to deal with the breaking news. Sue tell me where I'm going see phones, a loaded here. Okay. We'll go to the Moines Iowa. I, we'll grab Herbie and folks, the calls, if you're just tuning in the calls are about the Trump baby. In the diaper balloon that protesters were floating at Trafalgar Square when a Trump supporter in London stabbed the balloon and deflated the giant, Trump baby balloon, and I'm asking the question. Your thoughts on now? All the protesters have a right. You can have Trump supporters that have the right to protest for Trump. You have the anti-trump protesters. They have all the right to protest as well. I clearly said that these. Protesters have a right to protest against Trump and of course, in support of Trump. This woman has all the right to protest against yell at the anti-trump protesters. But my position was that she didn't have a right to stab, the balloon to vandalize, the Trump baby balloon, even if you don't like it, and you don't like these protesters doesn't give you right to vandalize this property and the protester, the Trump supporter was taken away by London. Police cuffed and stuffed Tony is who who my grabbing occur who am I granting into Moines Kirby? Gotcha. Kirby is in Des Moines, Iowa. Hi, curvy. You're on Schmidt. Yes, sir. I totally believe in the concept of balloon because I think, Trump is the biggest loud in the history of Laos and his two year old insoles to people in his temper tantrums are awful. I also appreciate the women's passion. If she feels differently she should have a right to of course, express that, but I agree with you. She should not have a right to destroy public property. So you disapprove of Trump, and you like the protest balloon, but and you don't think that the, the protesters should've stabbed the balloon. Right. I appreciate other people's passions even if they disagree with me. Have discussions about that. And you can have a dialogue, and if she's passionate about that. I understand she feels the way she feels I, I can accept that. But I, I agree with you. I don't think she should have a right to just destroy public property Kirby. Thanks for the call. Let's go to Long Island, New York, and we'll say, hi, Lucy, Lucy, your thoughts on the Trump supporters stabbing the Trump baby balloon in London. Hi. Today's of how this lady this lady I really shades visa. Real hot because the Asia Mayer Ken and. I've been laughter laughter win. Much more Gracie. What an us and a neutron eats American prize been all American, and all private industry would be highly tech evening. London mayor as a move Ning. He he, he, he didn't to do and this lady as. And right. I know what you're saying. You think she's a brave for what she did on having a little hard time understanding. So you, you support her stabbing the balloon or you don't support her stabbing the Trump woman. Because. The. Like. I, I. It's, it's very. How much mall? Gotcha. Loud, clin. Let me move on here. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. You know, bottom line is I don't support the stabbing the balloon. Now, I might support the bulk of Trump's policies. I don't always agree with everything from dozen how he does it. But I, I don't I don't believe that the balloon should have been stabbed by the Trump support because that's just flat out vandalism. And I agree, as I said several times, this hour, I support with I support protests on both sides of the coin even if I disagreed with the protesters, you have the right to protest. Go to Connecticut. Sue mary. Let's have Mary in Bethel, Connecticut. Hello Mary, you're on Schnitt. Hi. Hi. I agree with you. That it's private property, and they really should have done that. But I'm a total. Trump. Incredibly funny. Hold on. You don't think she should've stamp the balloon? Correct. Yeah. So she you don't agree with the vandalism of the balloon you're a Trump supporter, but you find you find the baby Trump balloon, comical and funny satirical, is that what you're saying now? This lady wanting to do that. Okay. Okay, you find funny but you. She should not have done it. She should not vandalize the balloon. Thanks for the call. That's pretty much that's position. That's what I have since I heard the story since I saw the video that has been by position that I might support the bulk of what Trump does not everything the both. But this woman should not vandalized, the balloon and Trump support on the line agrees. Eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine is the nationwide number on the go right back to calls in just a second..

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