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I am an editor at the rigor dot com and joining me on the other line crestfallen because his pangbourne what if was rejected by disney degree now rejected. It was swatted away at the rim. Like pangbourne does when he defends these courts. Where was he on the next big board for this past nba draft. Oh like he was in the mix like above moses moody for sure a million percent if things have broken a certain way he still an undrafted free agent greenwald. It's thursday what fulltime to be speaking with you about popular culture but specifically television which is what people rely on us for. That's where the watchers on the wall today on the podcast. Not only my chatting with my best friend. Andy but i am also chatting with andrew. Hey and Jack o'connell jagger connell was the star of north water andrew. He wrote and directed the episodes of the northward adapted from maguire novel. I will say finished. The last episode has is up now and available. It's a five episode series. This is one of my favorite things. I've seen this year. The end of the season is extraordinary. I can't wait to talk with some people about it. Once they get a chance to see it. I feel like this one's a little bit slow on the uptake but i will say the way. This is happening. Kind of reminds me zero zero zero where people are like how i watch it or like to get around to it when people see. I think that this is gonna have a second life absolutely mind blowing colin farrell performance. That is i would not say necessarily on the same level of daniel day-lewis and there will be blood but his definitely singing from the same hymn book but mcconnell is amazing in this like this is my favorite jack o'connell so far it's know a story about a nineteenth century whaling expedition. That goes horribly wrong in the arctic. And you they. They shot it north of norway like they went they went there and It's cold and hell is hot man. i'll tell you And so incredible show. I hope people check it out. And even if you haven't checked out my conversation with andrew and jack was really cool just to hear about the making of it and What wade into it. So that that out of the way. We'll get to that in the second half of the show. Andy how are you. I wanna say. I'm two episodes in. I'm going to watch the show. I like the show. I can't wait to talk to you about it. I have to say maybe this is just the contrary in enemy. But what about all those nineteenth century whaling expeditions. That went well well. That's how come here. I suggested to andrew that there's a lot. Ip out there like guests. You see you could do a feel good north water next. Just a whaling expedition. That you know. Maybe they even save the whales. Maybe they're like you know what are what are we doing out here because the thing about nineteenth century is that those guys were conservationists. You know they really thought long and hard about and they were very mindful of their base. It's funny sometimes. I you know. I like many i look at the state of the world and i despair but then i do have to remember that for all of human recorded and unrecorded history in the night planning. Yeah until nineteen fifty. Yeah the sole purpose of humanity was to see something that scared them and then club over the head this the thing the key club dover the head so every time i'm like oh my emotional maturity isn't developed enough. I'm like what a what a. What a concept. I don't have to stab seals to make money. You know what i mean. So maybe maybe we ought to give ourselves a break. We'll talk about these new shows. Can we talk a little bit about a new show. That is going to be a now. A multi season show which is white lotus. It was announced that white lotus is going to get a second season another installment from hbo and it sounds like what will happen is it will be a different set of characters in a different location. The the white lotus property. It'd be another white lotus property. But yeah i thought that was very interesting. Obviously mike white. It's pretty well known now. Essentially like pulled this one out of his back pocket when hbo called them up and said. Do you have any cove friendly that we could make now and you know. He's obviously had some ups and downs. Incredible writer in incredible filmmaker an incredible show runner but had some ups and downs with tv and now has an unlikely juggernaut but is successful. Show that he kinda seems to have grabbed out of thin air. Yeah some people work best this way. Some people work best quickly when they can't get in their own way without You know the various roadblocks that the business sets up to slow any momentum. You might ever possibly feel even for a second definitely not editorializing behalf of myself here and it's also probably why to a degree. The show has resonated beyond the setting and beyond the cast and characters. We haven't really talked about this and we've talked about the show but you know the characters are pretty fungible mouthpieces for hot button issues of the day. sometimes i think it's almost to the detriment like we. We were digging a little. Bit for steve. Zahn speech about white people giving up privilege but a different scenario almost makes it worse. Makes you appreciate what mike white's done here. Because he wrote the so quickly and it's in front of us so quickly he is able to kind of play in the. I don't wanna say cesspool. But maybe i will of contemporary sociological discourse and not have it feel super forest and super dated. All the time you know in terms of like bespoke prestige turnaround. This is about as fast as it can get. And so i think that that's a nimble in useful thing for him in the way he likes to ride in the way he likes to engage with his characters and have them engage with the world. Mostly i wanna say this is a no brainer but no brainers get missed all the time when they become too much brainers like this is a great idea. This is a great win for everybody. Involved particularly a great win for mike white as he said not only because his you know he he seemed more aligned. His career seemed in. This is not a bad place to be but it definitely seemed to be trending towards the critically and fanatically and culturally adored and not so much the consistently successful larger metrics. But he's done the thing that i think. Every single person who's ever downloaded a copy of final draft has dreamed of. Which is he somehow manufactured a successful show that demands..

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