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Next week, I don't know. We'll figure out what we're gonna do because I'm sure something crazy is gonna happen this weekend. Yeah, but the free agency. Oh my gosh, always a blast. Oh my God, we, of course, I'm sorry. Come on back. No, so I did want to mention one thing before going off court side. Cut the lights out. We were about to do it. Rachel's alligator reported that, but this might be on the transactions list. But Rachel Gallagher reported that the son have core John Paul Jones, so she can not negotiate with other teams. Yeah. So it's official. Official official nice, the Connecticut son John quill Jones, so she can not negotiate with other teams making more likely that she would be back in Connecticut. Of course she could force our way out through a trade like a song Natasha Howard dude last year. He did. That's unexpected to happen at the moment. No. That's the last thing I got. Oh, that's all right, but that's good news, though, John 12 Jones. We'd love to see it. And I know the Connecticut sun fans are excited too. We have more women's hoops in front of us and that is going to be exciting to continue to chop it up with you guys next week about the free agency in the WNBA and obviously all the great things going on at the NCAA level and those top 16 seeds. We're going to see what they look like as conference play proceeds. But for right now, they're going to cut the lights out on us. We don't have to go home. But we had to get up out of here, Gabe. It has been a blast. As usual, sitting courtside with you, my friend, on this edition of courtside with Christie and Gabe, on the her hoop sets, podcast network, we will see you next time..

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