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Joining us is Will Shortz he's puzzle editor of The New York Times and Weekend edition's Puzzle Master High will Good Morning, Lulu Remind us of last week's challenge. Yeah, it came from listener al Gory of cozy Lake, New Jersey. I said name a famous Drop the S then assigned the remaining nine letters. Their standard value in the alphabet equals one B equals two etcetera, And I said the total value of the nine letters is only 25. What city is it? And the answer is Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. We received over 2600 correct responses. And the winner this week is Patty. Dr Ford of Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Congratulations and welcome to the program. Thank you Live. So how'd you figure it out? Well, I started out with us capitals and none of those worked. And then I knew it had to be something with just a B or C and it just came to me. Fair enough. How long have you been playing since day? One. That's good to know. And what was it like when you finally got the call? Incredibly nerve wracking. I I hear though, that you're a professional clowns are you used to performing under high pressure And you have a joke for us? Yeah, Yeah, I'm a balloon artist, and I go to balloon school every chance I get. And you know the worst thing about balloon school. They I am no The park closes. That's awesome. What's your favorite kind of a balloon figure in I like them all and I try to keep up with in his. You know, you have to keep up with whatever the kids are into at the time. You know, superheroes or different animals always keeps you on your toes always keeps you on your toes. Well, we are here to keep you on your toes. Are you ready to play the puzzle? Yes. All right. Take it away. Well, all right, Patty. Every answer today is the name of a TV series Pastor present. Have changed two consecutive letters in each title into one letter to spell a new word or phrase. You change one letter back into two to name the series. For example, if I said Chess C H E s s You would say cheers because that turns the first s of chess in the ER to make the TV show, okay? So we'll start with some older shows in your first one is Franz Fro M. D s friends. Friends is it is good number two is full hour. F U L L H o U R Full house. That's it. Full house night coat N I G h t c o A T. Nike coach. Yeah, Yeah, Keep the night change something in Cote. I'm Yeah. Night court. Yep. A night court. You got it. Framer at far AM er, Frasier. That's it. The wagons ta g w a. G. O. N s Mhm hanging change the G It's the name of the family. Of the Waltons. The Waltons, is it? Baton B A. T. O N. They're tougher to see when they're short words like this. Change the Oh, None and and and and and and and then and then and then and Anna. There's your musical ahead. Batman. Batman is it And now we have some more modern series traders. Southpaw P A W southpaw South Park. That's it. How about Dr No. That's d O C T. O R. And, uh oh. It's a British show. I can also do the music for that. Minute a minute. A minute ago. One minute over that. No, no, no 11. Oh, you got great musical hands. So Yeah, I think the doctor who doctor who is it Good, And here's your last one leaking bad. Breaking bad breaking bad as it good job. Good job. How do you feel? Oh, joyful and relieved. You did really well, those were hard and for playing our puzzle. Today, you'll get a weekend edition lapel pin as well as puzzle books and games. And you can read all about it at NPR dot org slash puzzle and Patty. Which member station Do you listen to Sustaining member of W H Y Y in Philadelphia. Patty, Darker Ford of Morgantown, Pennsylvania. Thank you so much for playing the puzzle. Thank you as an honor. All right. Well, what is next week's challenge? Yeah, this challenge comes from listener, Matthew Leal of San Francisco. Write down the name of a country plus its capital one after the other. Hidden in consecutive letters inside. This is the name of a film that won an Academy Award for best picture named the Country capital and film When you have the answer, go to our website, NPR dot org slash puzzle and click on the Submit Your Answer Link. Remember just one entry per person, please. Our deadline for entries is Thursday, June 10th at three. P.m. Eastern. Include a phone number where we can reach you at about that time, and if you're the winner will give you a call. And if you pick up the phone, you'll get to play on the air with the puzzle editor of The New York Times and Weekend edition's Puzzle Master Will Shortz with musical cues by me. Thank you so much will thanks for most of its history, the Catholic Church rejected scientific findings that conflicted with its doctrine. During the Inquisition, For example, it even accused scientists such as Galileo of heresy. But an hour's drive south of Rome. There's the one and only Vatican institution that does scientific research as NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports. The Vatican Observatory recently launched a campaign to promote dialogue between faith and science. Brother, Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory, drives through.

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