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In brooklyn police say the woman have rousses around her neck it other bodily injuries lomans husband barry wells is in custody have been charged with anything though they're still talking to him meantime the nypd is reviewing the incident and we should point out that two different officers discovered the body an hour after the second call to address those some sad news to report today regarding eric garner the daughter of chokehold victim eric garner they declared her as brain dead today with no chance of a recovery following a massive heart attack daily news reports family members were called the woodhall hospital today for their final buys ms garner have become an outspoken critic as you know of police brutality following the death of her dad in 2014 27yearold had been on life support in a coma since saturday when an asthma attack triggered a heart attack as garner gave birth to a son back in august she named him after per fallen bother tinton winds accu weather increasing cloudiness and frigid with a low of thirteen and town single digits out in the burbs tomorrow very cold with morning clouds and some afternoon sun a high of only twenty four tomorrow night down to a low of eighteen and then saturday cloudy brisk and coal with light snow at times leaving code to it and a high of twenty seven and then new year's eve lu boy a high of just twenty are high of just twenty one degrees and midnight at times clear we're looking at a temperature around eleven decrees 18 right now clear skies in central part wins news time 406 cherry hill new jersey as the villain in the scoobydoo cartoon would say those meddling kids but authorities say this time the kids were the culprits at least seven hundred juveniles created a disturbance they say scaring that he be gb is out of shoppers the day after christmas at the cherry hill mall witnesses say they were weilding out kicking doors and going the wrong way on the escalators to say a few fights even broke out nobody got hurt but authorities charged five teens with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest police arrived at seven thirty p m to break up the.

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