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This gone a couple of other things going on a couple of cases in the White House. Yes so this is play the Nora on new cases. This is a big deal tonight. Another White House staffer this time. A top aide to the vice president has tested positive for corona virus. Katie Miller the press secretary to Vice President Pence is now the second confirmed case tied to the West Wing after a valet who serves the president's meals tested positive on Wednesday Miller is married to Stephen Miller. One of the president's senior advisors and tonight her test is raising questions about whether the White House is doing enough to distance the president and vice president from for his part. President Trump told reporters today. The whole concept of tests aren't great because they're his words and he said he's convinced the virus will just go away without a vaccine his own advisers have said. That's not true. Look let's go go away by itself. Which is seems to be the case with all these previous events you know from bird. Flu Flying Everywhere. Yeah I'll buy and I'm my point. People say well why would it go away? It's going to come back and say what about SARS? How come that didn't come back SARS. We never got an immunity to SARS about mergers here we never got immunity to merge and then he's just throwing it hub oil. Just throw that in for no reason could really rough your other stupid day so Norris says at the end that he president says he's GonNa be it's GonNa go away and but his advisors say it's not W- doesn't matter no. It's not going to go away what. Why does this advisors no more than he does? Because it's it's a crap shoot? You don't know what's going to go away or it's not going to go. There's no proof one way or the other but she wants trump to go away. So that's it has to report this way. You're talking now just this to new cases in White House. Just continue to report. Oh but wait. There's more news that one of the vice president's closest aides Katie Miller tested positive for the virus delayed. Mr Pence's scheduled trip to Iowa. Miller was not on board Air Force to but six staffers who had recent exposure to her had to be removed Katie. She tested Thurgood.

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