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So instead of firing him, they decided they were going to paint him where they, what Russian collusion scandal. Oh, sound familiar like the same scandal that we're going to chart, Trump with in two thousand sixteen like the same scandal. They tried to tar John McCain with when he ran against Hillary, and Obama. Oh, you don't believe me, we've already put that article up thousand times from circa. Where the where we're Democrats tried to pin on John McCain, the exact same Russian collusion scandal, ladies and gentlemen. This was the oldest trick in the book for police, they'd hack Democrats and their media sycophantic boot-licking, but kissing hack buddies. Find your political enemies. Mike Flynn, John McCain, whoever they may be tar them with these guys are cloning with the Russians and get your hack intelligence friends overseas in the UK and elsewhere to confirm it. Oh, it gets better. The next portion of the Chuck Ross piece. Again, this'll be in the show notes. Please check it out in full as with the Iraq dossier, another dossier, by the way, that may have misled some people do you loves reputation has also been used to bolster steals report. So still who's working with helper? They're getting information. How per again from trip Nick off? Do you love knows them both the former head of the British by NC? Dear love also on the parallel construction path is telling people, hey, if you get this information from steel chew, he's super reliable. Check out this guy. Do you loves reputation has also been used to bolster steals report, which alleges a quote well-developed conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government story, it's been told a thousand times before? Any December thirteen twenty seventeen interview dear love declined to confirm that he knew steel, but said that the dossier, quote, had some credibility. Wow. Is it that badge? Ical goes on in a glowing profile of steel in the New Yorker on March twelfth of twenty eighteen do you love describes steals reputation as quote superb? He told the Washington Post that Steele was the go to person on Russia. In the commercial sector. They never thought we'd figure this out. Dear love is the connection. The former British spy master. He's buddies with helper. The spy spying on the Trump team. Who's also feeding information from Travnik off and others. They leave citing undue Russian influence, but then to clean the information to make sure no court in the United States knows that Russians Russians if it worked for Vladimir Putin are providing disinformation to our court system to spy to mislead, our judges, the FBI, then gets the information through steel who deal of says don't chew worry. This sky is super reliable. He's just peachy this guy's the go-to guy on Russia pay. No attention to helper. We can't have the courts knowing that a CIA spies by on a political campaign. We can't have any of that. One last snippet from the. Right there. All right. So making sure the text of the technical sports, okay? Technical sue. You're the technical support. So we have a team here whereas this be Apolo last piece from helper. She's me from Chuck Ross. Dear love also attended the same event at Cambridge University where how or made first contact with Carter page. Wow. Isn't that magical? That's insane. Do you love also at the event where Carter page Carter page the central figure of the Steele dossier?.

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