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In which they took about half a dozen professional european basketball players from italy and they had them watch a video clip of a teammate shooting free throws and they zoomed in the camera on the fingertips of the shooting hand as the ball was about to leave the the hand and they stop the footage as soon as the ball left the fingertips and they last the basketball players to guess whether or not the ball went in the hoop and the basketball players were were fairly accurate but what was interesting is that they were much more accurate and making that prediction than even the coaches who are also tested an ex athletes former basketball players who were also shown the same clip and so i think there's something to active experience active expertise that somehow gives you a different perception and different perspective on what you're seeing unfold in front of you so i think lebron james somehow some maybe perhaps consciously is taking advantage of that so there's a perceptual concept here like there's they're seeing things differently than the way you and i would say things yeah yeah and the way seems to work is that these differences in perception also influence action in in a certain way and they sort helped to reinforce the action that you're going to produce there was an interesting study and other one that i that i wrote about in the book involving dancers who were shown clips in a mariah scanner of moves that they themselves had made before at least or at least seen before and then moves that they had never seen before and then also third category of moves that they felt like they were very very good at confident at at reproducing and making and it wasn't just the perceptual areas of the brain that seemed to activate when they were watching these clips but also certain motor areas and sort of these crossroads in between that perception in the perceptual and motor areas that seem to activate when these dancers were watching moves that they had made before and felt confident and making before and this help.

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