China, Nuclear Weapons, South Korea discussed on The Bernie Sanders Show - Episode 8: Bill Perry


Constructively and klay and with intelligent with china to make them see the were on this have the same objective in trying to achieve the same thing at what would china's entrusts be in working with us the china has at least two overriding objectives indecision these are not one north korea nuclear weapons to do to thing they don't want him to start a regional nuclear war which would be very bad for them and they do not wanted to precipitate either south korea or japan to build their own nuclear weapon program that would be very adverse to them so they have strong reasons for wanting to deal with this month critically program we have to put together a package with them which they see that their interests are protected as well as our interest now in recent years china has become a bit more distant from north korea than previously is not the case that is the case and china's is not truly a supporter of north korean north korean regime zhima china is is there protecting them because they fear a collapse of the north korean regime would be disastrous for china there particularly do not want a unified korea dominated by south korea and with american troops on the yellow river again so that's that's a very serious issue for two for china all is there any likelihood i i know i mean most americans snow very little but what goes on in north korea consistent extraordinarily decorative country what is the dynamics odd there is there any form of political opposition in north cure the with us not not listen several us administrations we have been hoping and praying that the north korean regime would collapse that has obviously not happen and the reason it has not happen is in spite of the fact that their economies in the tank that people have miserable life that they have a very oppressive regime they have a strong take replace any opposition to the regime as quickly stomped out so it is a rural our rural regime as one that does not really.

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