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Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of the holiday season. We are getting into the most truthful part of the year. That's why this is the perfect topic for this episode Thanksgiving which created when the pilgrims wanted to celebrate their first harvest in new. Did you know this happened in October? Of Sixteen twenty one instead of November since nineteen forty two has been proclaimed by the US Congress as being on the fourth Thursday in November the basic elements of the holiday celebrating food in the fall harvest and giving things with family have remained over time. Another fun fact about this day beyond the United States are nine countries. That also celebrate Thanksgiving Canada China Germany Granada Japan Norfolk Island South Korea Liberia and Vietnam. Some of those parties are versions of the American tradition and others are celebrations of gratitude for something else. Not even the dates are the same. The Canadian thanksgiving is held on the second Monday in October. End In China. Who follows different calendar? It happens around in the Fifteenth Day of the eighth month. In the lunar calendar the holiday known as The mid Autumn Festival typically falls in late September or early. October and the moon is full list and brightest. You know what I'm thinking for so many things that it would take me more than ten episodes to name them all one of the things. I'm most for their than my family. And my friends are my accomplishments through these years. I've accomplished so many things. One of the most recent once was going three goals. In One Game Aka a Hattrick. This may be something big to you but for demand the time I've been practicing in or trying makes it one of my biggest achievements also thankful for all of the people listening right now. You dedicated a few minutes of your day to us and to show how grateful I am for my audience. Here are some very special messages. I got. I'm grateful that I have a great family. A great school and I get to eat yummy food and I have toy suppliers play with and so on. I got him. I lay my car. I'm grateful I have a bicycle because I use it to have fun. Those were Julie from Texas. Gabriel from Brazil in Daniela's lives here in Florida. An interesting thing is that they all mentioned choice. This is something we take for granted. We're not everybody's lucky enough to have something to play with. Do you recognize the sound? Yes this is a Turkey gobbling. I couldn't leave the symbol of the holiday out today. Do you believe that there was no turning the first Thanksgiving dinner? You might be asking yourself if it wasn't under the table in sixteen twenty one. Why did it become the mascot dish? One possible explanation is that there was an abundance of Turkey's in the US and they were mostly raised only for the meat while cows and hence would also produce milk eggs on top of that. A single Turkey was usually big enough to feed a whole family. Wow we have a few more audience from our listeners. Let's check them out for for my family. My saying the things I have to make a hug. My veterans disturb my dad and my mom. I really like my dog. He is a Cockapoo and we had him for one year now and they really like him. Hello my name is key and and ungrateful for many things and tooting my family. Who's always supporting me full. I do my sensual always by my side when things go along and opportunities that I and my family get to have the other families don't get to have like vacations and things. Are we getting together and Holden thankful for Matthew SOPHEA INS messages? Sound really different but they actually have something in common other than the three living in Florida. They are grateful for the things you cannot see in touch like opportunities and family support speaking about family. I've saved the last spot in the audience showcase for them. My cousin vinny. Yes the one you heard in the beginning of this episode and my brother Rafa without further ado here we go. Hi My name is tally. Am thankful for my loving and supportive family. My friends for how lucky I am to have a roof over my head in food I can eat. I am thankful for my family and my parents. Hi My name is rob. I'm thankful for my family. My cousins and Turkey. Thank you for listening. We love hearing from you. Please talk to us if you have any questions complaints ideas or even anything else in order to get in touch to stop us in. Our INSTAGRAM IS AT W. Podcast in our email is a it. W podcast at gmail.com. If you could not understand the addresses earned the show notes we just before you leave a quick reminder? Please keep up the good work sharing this podcast around. I know many places have Thanksgiving parades and I'm not asking you to carry signs where teachers showing your love for the show. But if you want feel free also make sure to send a pig if you do and we will post it on her instagram. Oh and one last thing actually true I. I need to thank my mom for helping me. And my dad prepared a script and don't forget to share this episode with your pets too good bye..

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