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Morning. It's June 29 2020. And it's a Monday once again. Here in L. A grace guys. Very still. Around 61 F right now 16 Celsius. Today. All this gray should burn away. And by this afternoon, we should be back here in L. A Two blue skies and golden sunshine. Temperature in the low seventy's 21 Celsius. Everyone. Have a great day. Jason You and me. You'll be Chases. End of me. Right? Thanks. No. It's music from our far Simone on morning becomes eclectic alongside the loneliest monk recorded of all places at Palo Alto High School in 1966. So that was Solonius Month recorded live at Palo Alto High School in 1968. And this track has an amazing story, as does the album forthcoming July 30 1st I believe on Impulse. It is to be titled Palo Alto. So check this out. This was recorded at the high school because a very precocious 16 year old senior who is a fan of jazz and who ended up later going on to be Bill Graham's right hand man. Both Thelonious Monk because he was too young to get into jazz clubs. The engineer of the concert at Palo Alto High in 1968 was the school's custodian. No actually recorded the concert in exchange for piano tuning. If that's not the best story. I've heard about an album lately, I don't know what isthe How awesome is that There was a pistol fee from Bologna. Esma recorded Life. 1968. Wow, man lit. It's Casey ar w check the playlist case. W dot com slash playlist,.

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