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Fifty eight sixty eight we'd love to say hello to you or let's go to the phones in my friend chris is on the phone hey chris amy outgoing there is going good i had coffee with the cod today and i have to tell you i never felt more secure and shigeki eagle river there was no bomb threat there was no incident there was just like twenty cops of the senior center it was pretty awesome yeah is a good thing of which i just gonna say this i'm thinking about it all day today i was like you that i'm listening all these people you've all these reasons why we had mass shootings you know reminded me of the movie uh all i knew i wouldn't build member hell or high water i dunno if ever heard seen that movie with the old waitress that says what don't you want i don't remember that i probably have it sounds familiar i note eucuba just this youtube what don't you want and that has this whole waitress that because they look at daily would he be what dealt we want is either don't want green beans and corn gave them i don't want to be the other guys i don't either so you know this twenty one thing you know i don't want you to also where they have to wait for their twenty one of the by a shock and a rifle or whatever you though i was walking around with when i was ten years old with a shotgun you know and as somebody that i don i don't think they all understand that there's different kendall lifestyles that people live this you know they're fringing on their their basic rights you know him um you know i know snat there's no age limit set on the but the first thing i think of his legs of all the map i'm going to stay mass killings omega six shootings like they do so you stick the mass killing using all these rules and you want to load on us which one of those would have actually prevented these things from happening uh we add seleny you look at these things okay let's let's be honest not all mass killings happened with a firearm right away i.

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