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Is suspended avocado imports from Mexico over threats made against an inspector reporting on this in The Washington Post is Laura Reilly who spoke with Taylor van zeiss Laura what happened here and why are avocado imports halted It's kind of cinematic So the only Mexican state that can legally sell avocados into the U.S. is Mitchell akan And there's been it's been boom times for avocados We all know this We've talked about the toast We've seen this huge surge in consumption in the U.S. So their growing avocados in other states in Mexico and their sneaking them in the michoacan so that they can be legally sold into the U.S. Well a USDA inspector saw some avocados and said wait those don't look like they're from Mitchell con they look like they're from puebla and basically put the kibosh on this whole thing And receive death threats So the USDA said you know what We're not going to put our people at risk We are going to shut this down And so as of the 11th which I think is that last Thursday Thursday Friday They shut down exports of avocados from Mexico to the U.S. So we're really going to start seeing a shortfall in the next two or three days because about 80% of the U.S. consumption of avocados are those that come from michoacan And as you report the price of avocados was already at a record high ahead of the Super Bowl Sunday parties When it comes to our shopping carts we've rarely need an avocado right now how much more are we going to have to pay in the weeks ahead if we can find them Well I think it could be significant and for those restaurants that lean heavily whether we're talking about chipotle or any of the other Mexican national restaurant chains You're going to see some price tags there as well So it's not just at the grocery store It's in food service And then we have So Super Bowl is number one in terms of avocado consumption And Cinco de Mayo is number two And that's coming up just 6 weeks away So it's definitely a crunch but it may be an opportunity for the Dominican Republic Peru and Chile which also grow avocados to figure out how to pull some strings and get some to us really quickly and maybe develop a new market for their product And what about our domestic supply of avocados Are those just not grown much in the U.S. anymore Well California and Florida are the two big growers Florida has the other kind not the Hass avocado but they're all kinds of different The green skin one But California's acreage partly because of water constraints and partly because of development Acreage has dramatically plummeted in recent years And so it really is eating is taking up less and less of our total consumption Finally there might not be a great answer for this but we at my house just started cooking with avocado oil for those derivatives of avocados way down the line are we going to see a strain on that before much longer as well That'll take a little longer because a lot of that is shelf stable and is already in the pipeline and so there's more of that just in the works When you're talking about a super we've all had that experience where it's like it's too hard It's too hard Oh it's rotten So it's very very ephemeral the fresh product So we're definitely going to give us give ourselves a little bit more time with those other with oils and other products that are derived from them Laura Reilly with us on northwest news radio reported for The Washington Post You can always find Laura's coverage online at Washington Post dot com Thanks for the time today Your money at 20 and 50 pass the hour on northwest news radio Money at 20 and 50 passed the hour here on northwest news radio Here's rob Smith from Seattle business magazine Washington has almost 277,000 job listings Good news for the 216,000 people in the state who receive unemployment benefits A study by career board lent also says Amazon is the number one company in the country for job seekers It's a quad based growth or Costco is the only other local company in the top 25 2021 was a record year for Seattle's industrial market Thanks to ecommerce and third party delivery Collier says Amazon's fast delivery times are driving competitors to increase the number of warehouses near population centers to keep pace The Dow gained 422 points to close at 34,989 NASDAQ rose three 48 and the S&P 500 gained 69 This is rob Smith with northwest news radio A COVID vaccine for the youngest children has been put on hold the FDA meeting to discuss emergency authorization of the vaccine was supposed to happen this week it's now postponed until further notice Medical reporter Liz bonus spoke to doctor Steve fagans and Megan ranney Pfizer was expected to ask for expanded emergency use authorization for a two dose vaccine for children ages 6 months through four years old Now Pfizer says it expects to have a three dose data by early April Public health providers say however this doesn't mean the vaccine is not safe or that it doesn't work In pediatric you've got a vaccine that's got more safety data than the vaccine in history So you have a lot of safety data Which really looking for is vaccine efficacy based on your deaths You see the dose compared to older children was lowered in this younger age research group to ensure its safety That's common in research groups that change by age Unfortunately it looks like that decreased dose decreased the effectiveness of the vaccine a little bit which is why they need the three shots instead of just two Two to 5 That did not mount the what is thought to be a protective antibody response So Pfizer has said now it will postpone the request for emergency use authorization in all children ages 6 months to four years old will it continues to collect data in this age group the company is not pulled its application and those supporting this delay say it's an effort to be fully transparent that way when it is expanded the information needed is there to support this decision I know how incredibly frustrating and disappointing this is for parents of those under 5 kids The process works that these vaccines will not be approved until we are sure that they are both safe and effective Now this is the only age group for which there is not yet an emergency use approved vaccine and while the risk in this.

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