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Final game of the week sixteen slate and you're watching nick falls take on a rated defense doubt laws hideous all year hideous and torched by everybody around the lake falls was so bad nagging comb complete a pass and accurate all over the place lucky that the raiders which is so inept in so pathetic that they were a little strength again i remember watching them on that i am i said how hound world of eagles going to win a playoff game yet alone find a way to super bowl fifty tell couple things changed between that came on christmas night and to where we are right now of february the fourth give doug peterson and eagles credit their game play this style of play changed pretty dramatically secondhalf atlanta game carrying over into the four corners against the minnesota vikings putting more trust putting more confidence in it falls playing to his strengths as the quarterback utilizing the or peel of the rump past option net you've heard so much about these last few weeks not only did they win which falls as their quarterback fools was one of the main reasons why philadelphia play here and escape never in a million years thought that was possible now did philadelphia get some brake song away the most certainly did i think they were aided by playing i'd say the atlanta falcons over team to new orleans saints in a division around absolutely new orleans would have been a handful d day show you that they will legitimate did they show you there with a rail against the minnesota vikings they most absolutely dead that was the game that open my eyes with philadelphia where i said wow this team across the board even with falls a quarterback dangerous explosive and talented and now you get to the overall walk at any scale now you're going up against the greatest head coach i've ever seen.

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