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He could cement himself in the top twenty five picks this draft. I do think that he can really really help himself this week. If he doesn't have a good week. Maybe we'll see. But I think if you comes down here and impresses not just on the field. Because remember it's not just about the field stuff here. It's also about the meetings at night, you know, if he can go and impress teams at night one on one setting up on the board in meetings. I think that that will really really help his cause. That's a good point friend people don't realize that part of it the meetings. I mean, I know this morning you have what the way in. So they haven't they haven't actually practice yet. Is that true? Correct. Yeah. So we've got way this morning seven thirty AM local time right after that we've got media day. So we'll get a chance to talk with some of these guys media standpoint. And then the first practice, I believe is at one thirty local time. So I'm excited to hit to kind of get to know these guys a little bit hopefully talked to a bunch of media day. But really the big thing to Ross I should mention talking about the meetings. You're going to see a lot of reports over the next few days of up so-and-so team met with this player that player this player just know that that your favorite team out there met with every player here because that's exactly what's going to happen. And if they don't talk to them year, they've either already spent a lot of work talking to them before. Or they're going to spend a lot of time talking to him in. Combine that's every team is going to talk with every guy. That's just the nature of this. So I know there's going to be a lot of ideas to try and grab content out of all. Well, you know, this guy this team talked with player x y and z every every team's gonna talk with every player. That makes sense. What about for the south quarterbacks Tyree? Jackson from buffalo will Greer West Virginia Gardner Minzhu was Oooo and Jarret stidham from Auburn. I think when you look at these guys are really it comes down to the fact that they've got three guys that have starting traits in Jackson, Greer and stood them. But I think all three of them are more developmental players. You're talking about a little bit more time putting the oven in terms of trying to get them ready to play in the NFL. I think for I for a variety of different reasons for all three to me. I think Jackson probably has the least amount of distance to go in my mind. I mean, he's got the physical tools the arm strength. Certainly there is a big kid. He's athlete, but certainly has a long way to go from the mental side of the game. I'd like to see him do a little bit a little bit better in terms of working under pressure. Not a lot of examples of him working in a muddy pocket. We're not going to see much that this week. Unfortunately, not until the game. But he's got. Starting tools for sure. Taking a look at the running backs on the north side, Dexter Williams Koran Higdon Toni Ballard and Alec Ingold. Yeah. And this this running back group overall took a little bit of a hit in the last ten days or so with guys pulled out injury. You know, LJ Scott for Michigan state's not here miles Gaskin from Washington's not here, they lost a couple of names so couple late additions, but Dexter waves to me has the highest upside of any running back here. He's a big play back from Notre Dame oleo one year starter early only stand started the handful against because he started the year with a four-game suspension. But I like his patients to the whole he's got the speed to get through the whole the big things. I think with him. He's going to have to prove himself on third down, which he can do this week because they will put him in situations to catch the ball out of the backfield and show up past protection. So it with a really good week this week, I think Dexter Williams could kind of put himself potentially into that day to range. And I I really think that's possibility even with all the underclass from running backs if you can have a big week this week prove himself on third down proof..

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