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The army end and the blockades what is the prime minister. Do in the face of those demands. Well a lot of these are conservative. Leadership hopeful sutter saying. Here's what I would do. If I was prime minister this was Maryland. Gladue who said the military should be brought in Peter Mackay tweeted that he was happy that a couple of L. Burton's who took down rail blockade in Alberta were able to do more in an afternoon with a pickup truck. Then true do in four years. He was clearly criticized for that for supporting vigilante. In that tweet he did He didn't say it was put it back up and he did but he did say it was utter nonsense and that the individuals did clear the tracks for being good citizens and then there are also being called terrorists by conservative leadership. Hopeful Erin O'Toole Saying it was terrorism now the Conservatives. What they're doing here. This argument is for an immediate intervention. Because the economy's taking hit there's propane shortages there's temporary layoffs millions of dollars being lost each day because aren't getting to market container. Ships are piling up at ports. But there is that concern that with police intervention it could provoke allergic crisis Because of the tensions so of course as you know what we're hearing from Susan. This is a lot of rhetoric and ramping up. But maybe they're tapping in to what Canadians are feeling. They're feeling a bit frustrated. Because of all of these issues I just talked about. Maybe they're a laid off worker and Canadians are thinking that this is going on too long. Recent polls are showing this. I can't agree more. Also just point out that the the it is very interesting. We just spent a number of minutes speaking about the krona virus and the fears that around the crow virus and wound. How the economy is used as the primary fear in which to make really coney decisions potentially notice how indigenous peoples are put in the same situation. They're seen as a threat to the economy. Therefore they must be dealt with aggressively notice how the rhetoric is the same. You know what I've noticed all this mad I wrote about this last week and I've really noticed throughout the first two months of this year. How no one is calling for. Smaller government We all expect the government to solve a lot of problems this year Nobody's saying that the private sector or the markets are going to sort this all out which I think is going to be interesting when it comes to the conservative leadership race we we are just going through a state right now in this country where we want the government meddling in our lives a lot And we're we keep calling for the government to fix every problem. We just talk just briefly in the last couple of minutes that we have but that conservative leadership raised. Some of the candidates are saying Hannah that's They would like to force an election as early as October is. That is that going to happen. He said nervously realistically. Don't expect to head out on the campaign trail you guys Here's the reason why so it's McKay O'Toole and gladue Who are saying that. Canadians need an election as early as October. Yes I did say this October But remember the next leader elected by the conservative government. These hopefuls are speaking to membership so that membership is about one hundred eighty thousand Canadians. They're trying to rile them up to get some votes. Because these members believe that true is not doing a good job. They're clearly supporting the conservative. But here's some other facts They don't have the votes in the House of Commons to bring down the liberals alone they would need to secure support from the Bloc Quebecois the MVP. That is not going to happen because the end EP does not have the money for another election campaign. The soon not only. That leader meeting told me when I did my article. That don't rely on them to help. And then also let's remember the Bloc Quebecois Net thirty two seats. This is the performance. They've had in quite a few elections. They're enjoying this position of power and they're not ready to head back to the polls to give no reason to cancel our plans for October. Then well I'm GONNA keep those dates open. Just I'm I'm kidding. I hope I would. It reminds me of Actually there are so many parallels to wear the liberals were in two thousand and eight. They were just passed another losing election. They were working on their second leader. Michael Ignatieff in that case and they were under the impression that rightly or wrongly that Canadians hated Steven Harper's government as much as they did at which was Hannah was alluding to I I and will remember the Liberals did Michael did not long after he became leaders. Start talking about taking the government down to and never did you concerned at all. Is there the interest in remaining seconds? We have the possibility that This could happen come fall. Why don't I I think? Fear is We've been talking about feared to the theme of the episode. And I think that right now. The conservative leadership hopefuls are really stoking fear. The problem with fear is that fear is not a growth vote like it's on a long-term growth mode it might be a reactionary vote and. I think that they're speaking mostly to the base and that kind of base doesn't have a long term Reach within keen-sighted but it could be could work in the short term. Good to speak with you. All Andy Gun. We're coming to a shelter in your bunker with all of your supplies. I can make very long. We'll be there. Thank you go ahead. Susan Delacour National Call. The Star Megan Sinclair columnist with a Winnipeg Free Press Hannity vigneault senior reporter was. Cb's parliamentary bureau for more CBC podcasts. Go to CBC DOT CA slash podcasts..

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