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That i really enjoyed was really kinda like the setup of where show is sticks up four soya. Show you a six for Nigga got ska. Nagatsuka told me hero. Yeah and pretty much just like does intervenes. He stopped from game bullied. It's a very passive intervening. He's like you can take my bubble. Because he's a pushover now finds a bike. Also you know we're we're kind of very much glossing over. The choice starts out with like shoyer wanting to kill himself. Unlike you mean the adult stuff stuff and but like and then the mom. The mom the mom coming in in that. Yeah and then marie the handlery. Oh the cute kilo baby but like squeaky shoes on putting it altogether. She calendars blank after the fifteenth. Yeah you've ripped it in half and also you cleaned her room. You sold your food on. You know you took all your worldly things. Yeah but like also show to the show to like really liked about this film that like. It's not the focus of it but you have to notice it. These are single mothers. Yeah i think that's something that's really cool. That's kind of like maybe that's in the manga but like in the film they really kind of play in the sense of like yeah. You don't know what their lives are at home. I think i read online somewhere. That i don't remember if they touched on this in the film but they become the two moms become friends. One of the reasons they bond. Is they go out and they start talking about bad luck with men and share stories about that and stuff and other single mums and sweet but like and again that whole thing with his mom and it's like bloody ear like the slap. Yeah i also really enjoy the fact. That show goes mom. Oh even even though like it's one of those things where she ripped out miki's you like she caused her the same kind of damage shoka sustained and miki was probably chill throughout the whole thing considering how she handled things when she came back to the hospital the show. I mean that's the thing that would play. And so as someone who he gets a slap to everyone gets them slap. Everyone gets the end to me for it. I was just so far. I'm like what else watching the beginning sequence with young show was like i would want to hurt. This kid. hit the teacher pounds on the wall as god. Damn the biggest nerd on. I'll just like get his stand up him. Dan did the thing the thing that teacher he. Yeah that's the very toxic thing that happens. And not. And i know that they literally individually care about their students. But that's the kind of thing that i feel like isn't talked about enough. It's because we don't. It's like you know police officers. We don't want to hear about bad. Police officers wanna hear about bad teachers but there is that sense of like they don't really care. There's some teachers that that may ruin it for everyone else. Yeah and they don't care about it until it gets really problematic. You could have stopped it like before. The principal had multiple times. That was acting out. And you didn't do anything you just kind of like his actions. There proved that he knew like him calling. You know you're the worst to first of all you know that he's the worst that means you know everyone else. Does it too sucks. But that that. But i jumped when that happens go. I loved also just kind of like being put in that place of a child of like when the principal comes in. Yeah i would hate to call your parents and then and now mike yeah that really real scary feeling like once the parents get involved and the parents get involved and when that happens like and that's the thing.

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