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So can you like explain the appeal of ninety day fiance and the shows that seem matrimony based you why i love them all so well like look. There's ninety day fiancee. There's ninety day fiance the other way there's ninety fiance heavily ever happily ever after. I love them. All and the premise is basically that you have these people who fell in love and one of them does not live in the united states. and so it's just. The american go live abroad. Does the person who's not american. Try to get to american on the k. One visa now one of the interesting things about the last few seasons i would say is that despite everybody's issues getting to america. No one was mad about trump. like i don't know of natan edited all the talk. How did nobody may lack trump fan careful and michael. Michael love trump michael on barrack and everything that he knew was based on the apprentice and read all the books so but either way when angela is with immigration attorney and she's just screaming mad about everything i was like. How is she not mad at trump. But anyway i love that. I love married at first sight. A lifetime special which is like people who sign up to be matched by matchmakers and get married and they've never met each other before i love that one. What's crazy really quick about mary for. Is that like ninety day fiance. It's the kind of person who goes on that. Show you kind of get married at first sight. The kind of person who goes on that show is like seemingly like a normal twenty three things the gamba. Yeah and it's just shocking. Not there are so many people who are willing to agree to just get married at first sight who are like quote. People wouldn't ordinarily see on reality. Tv are going on this show. You know and the thing that i like to about ninety day fiance is that you would think and be wary that the premise is just all of these people who will do whatever they can to get to america and that everybody just wants a green card and that is like the opposite kind of of what's going on with the show. There is one one of my all time fades yara currencies season. Who is like what is so great about america. You're all wanna go home. I was like girls singing. I will say the my favorite thing about happily ever after is none of those couples are happy. They seem so miserable. Unlike the why are you together. This seems so. I'm really excited for the next season because the people who really hated each other seemed to all be have made this next season Dr prescott weinstein. I you know. I saw you tweeting about this and i really curious to hear your expanded thoughts..

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