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The pig looks better and better and better at this at this juncture. So you know. Kudos to to make jon gruden so far what we see so far. It looks like all things considered contextualising the injuries of the other guys that they were considering at that position. Like alex leatherwood has been the right pitch and ease. I i'm with you. I think that that they have to be pleased with his development. So far he he's been physical. He knows what he's doing mobile. He moves around out there. He's able to get to the second level and you have to be impressed with what you've seen from him So far in the grove as the raiders. Rose the opener where he's really going to be tested against a very good baltimore disease. Yeah absolutely and i it. It'll be interesting to track. Alex or would you know the one thing that was was pointed out to me on almost from the get go on that You're doing some digging around within the raiders and Look sometimes a drastic may not look good To some people for various reasons from the raiders perspective. Alex lillard sit there need. They need a left tackle. They had just find a miller to a a long term extension. they're set at left tackle. They believed that alex leatherwood was the best right tax. Planning they believe that he profiled the best Right tackle in their system for what they wanna do. And sometimes that needs to be taken into account You know It's a great fit for what alex does well. And what. The raiders need And they'd be whatever his weaknesses are Quote unquote aren't so weak. That they that they can't be improved to two more than acceptable level so And he's already shows right now that i think he's a very good run blocker. That's pretty evident right now. There are some technical issues and fundamental issues that he's still working through In terms of the past action. I think just making the adjustment to the speed of the game at this level as josh jacobs pointed out. Look in the. Nfl you know or in college somebody. That might be fast. Or you have somebody that might be Sean on any given saturday that you're playing but in the nfl it's pretty much especially at a at the start. Starting level is they're both there pat and they're strong and you have to make an adjustment to that. And i think that alex would have all the traits percent one hundred percent and i think that's what we've seen so far is a very natural progression as you expect from young player throughout the course of the training camp throughout the course of the preseason and he's healthy he's available it feels like he's been enthusiasts about his opportunity to start on the right side for the raiders right away and And again putting putting all things in the place in the context. Here of the raiders. Have a guy. That's going to be barring injury. The rest of the campaign again. That's always a possibility. But he comes. He's coming to camp healthy each remain healthy. Throughout the course of stamp he's played well in preseason and east continues to look like a building block on what the for. What the raiders. Wanna do on offensive line Moving forward so they have to be encouraged by by his broken development. And like you said already good against the. Ron has room to develop it in the past. He's a rookie nights. Guys have to..

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