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To sixteen hundred and now your host dick cup key well good morning and welcome back to trigger talk here boy we're going to have some fun today we'll talk about all sorts of guns and things that are in the news that's not always fun but we'll talk about triggers and maybe what's different on the clock jen fives and anything you guys want to talk about we'll talk about guns or gun activities or let's see something going on we'll go through some announcements of things going on this weekend or in the near future in a little bit if you're looking for a gun show let's see there's only one in michigan i could find it at the sheboygan ice arena in i hope they put visualize that put on your skates you can get around that gun show pretty fast if you're on the ice arena right there and then let's see in ohio there is the cincinnati sharonville gun show so i only found two i wonder what's up maybe they're just saying you know people have to get the yards together and stuff like that no time for a gun show right now michigan cpl's they they're not new numbers this is the ones from may seventh so about a week ago and we are two weeks ago and we were at total of about six hundred and thirty eight thousand six hundred ninety six six hundred ninety six so six thirty eight six nine six that's a lot that's up almost five thousand from the previous month i want to mention some things coming up in the next month here some of them are real real fun summer fundraiser some of them are take your kids out some of them are of remembrance actually that's going on this weekend if the oh gosh we had rain last night so sometimes it rains out things and at some of the ballpark's but let's see i we have remember that on wednesday june thirteenth from five to nine there's going to be a fundraiser for patrick holbeck who's running for governor and as a friend of the show here he calls in from time to time and huge second amendment supporter so if and this courses in the past when patrick would call in you know he has people that he represents in the northville and.

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