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six sixty six couple different things look we we did a video over SO why we're doing it was actually JJ and I'd that moose was off that night's videos to on and predicted the win total for the Mets and over Metz over under number eighty five and a half and I went under with it and this is before knowing about the Michael Conforto stuff I just feel like a lot had to go right for this team to be able to get that number I think it's different than in years past the Mets have ability this is not two thousand and fourteen hands up to thousand twelve with a new chance they have a chance they have some good players I think you should be hopeful and excited about their chances this year because of the talented there but a lot has to go right for them to be able to win high eighties and this is something like this is very potentially with Conforto is very difficult for them to overcome now the Yankees I get the feel bad everybody seems like the regular season no big deal yeah because we find anyway at what point do you start to get concerned if you're the New York Yankees so you're not concerned about losing Aaron judge all right you're not concerned about Severino being done for the year no one ever really concerned about Aaron Hicks he's always heard anyway okay you are not really concerned about stand because what good is he doesn't hate and then a big spots you're not gonna be concerned about Gary Sanchez now the guy she because got you covered there what book so you're okay with the outfield being what it is now I want to see Clint Frazier good opportunities much of the next guy but that doesn't mean it is Erin judge I mean Clint Frazier even if everything goes well is not gonna be anywhere close to the player that Erin judges one judge is a hundred percent healthy so you're losing their talk man Gardner these guys are gonna replace Hicks and stand in centre levy I mean I I don't I don't see it and then you're relying on everybody else in an infield to do what they did last year a local may you as a player I can do not what he did last year but he's got to do it again shows same day you had a tremendous year last year what do you know for sure you will do it again the first baseman I like Mike Ford I guess I'm okay with voice known to put you in there but you don't know and rotations same thing this is not where you have the expectations going of the year where was Gerrit Cole Louis Severino James Paxton and then Seneca and whatever else had the fifth spot now it's called ten aka the margin for error for the Yankees with all these injuries has even gotten to a point where you should be concerned you have to be we haven't even gotten started yet season hasn't even begun if you're not concerned no one will ever be concerns Yankee fan and it's hard again hard to speculate easily Yankees we know you know what the Yankees it's been on on a big you'll be fine and the guy next to you know he's got a fractured rib with Aaron judge and the same thing with with Gary Sanchez all now always find a little more about the back but you'll see Hey you probably play Friday then what happens if there's more Gary Sanchez was supposed to be in the best shape of his career this year and already I mean Gary surges to young for this to be having back issues already war having issues here with Sanchez and it's even more heightened obviously if you are a judge and Stanton the outfield on no big deal it was Gary Sanchez so what saga's great defensive player anyway those in the back but now the need is back and talk about a guy we we talk about Conforto not doing it from start to finish it in a season we had the high expectations well Gary Sanchez you later banking for over two thousand sixteen you talk about burst on the scene I mean you'll remember that the way he came on it twenty homers in fifty three games I mean people talk about like you Babe Ruth give me the next album pulls all good always homers and then really since he and also you're obviously in two thousand seventeen was an all star again last year but not ever living up to what he did when he first came out of the bags in two thousand sixteen hating prior average hitting with a ton of power and his whole game is being a operative you'll difference maker because you know it's not a defensive guy only point is a point more than a hundred twenty two games in his big league career so he hasn't exactly proven himself either whether being staying healthy or whether being producing couple nice moments right couple nice seasons we support seasons but he's got a lot to prove as well eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six builds in Freeport with a felt something that out first of all I I love you and it's a one man you really do a great job I mean that well thank you I appreciate that you know what the Yankees and again we have to do so within thirty days yet yeah I mean there is a dropping like flies an employee game what about public relations disaster I mean I mean I have no idea what stands still in limbo on the treadmill sound just say no yeah oh great I mean they have to say I mean that by the way I've never you your business came a long time south I mean judge in September what about me yeah the judge he's taking it we're on the other day we criticize the Yankees for and rightfully so because both the Yankees enjoy it but definitely judging today get here because he kind of wanted to ignore he kind of thought it was going away or you know maybe he could war fight through instead of just saying any else has to do it without a lot of people I'll leave you with that you know these guys babies is this no no no no no no no you why would you play through I mean it's not like I don't know the severity of Gary Sanchez back issue and it's spring training if this war the World Series you would hope that Hey you know what suck it up take a little whatever you gonna get a lot of cortisone shot move on because this is spring training so I'm not saying they need to suck it up and played through it what would judge you talk judge did that exact thing Phil P. did you're saying throw it that as a member you can which was broken up well that's what I'm talking about he deserves to take a hit for this he tried to be the tough guy thanks for the call filled with pre she checking in he tried to beat not of not trying to be tough guy but he want to play through it and playing through it that that's not where people like myself for questioning Aaron judge we're not saying Hey you should set some and you know miss the post season to be out in September you can play through it fine you fight through September you fight through the post season but at the end of the year you got to get it checked why are you being here all the off season so it's not that he played through it in September eight and in October it's that he didn't get a check on the season was over what's wrong with you and the team as well they had to have known they had to have known something was off a judge was just more than keeping it a complete secret it was bad communication by AFP between judging the team obviously and now he's paying for but yet to answer do you want to see them play through it no not not at this point in the season how Severino gonna play there I mean you don't want to the guys that we mention about Tommy John surgery Hicks last year the end of the year obviously Severino now probably should add it at the end of the year he's another one who's trying to pitch through it last year Paxton did pitch through it I was gonna try to give it a go again this year what the back pain until he eventually had to have the surgery although he seems to be okay they should be moving him you know we're probably seeing him you would think by may that's what it sounds like right now packs and on track to return relatively soon and hope no harm no foul there thank you for all you don't know the severity of it here but the fact that he has it maybe they're just being overly cautious send them back to New York after some MRI testing it does seem a little different though than let's say the JD Davis one right band wagon came out and they addressed and there are no big deal just soul jam shoulder should be fine this is a little more alarming in not only the fact that he's going back to New York Conforto but the way that we found out about it as well Blum reported its Twitter you hear about it and it's no nothing from the Mets they're not it just it just seems a little darker then normal I will we'll get we'll find out I mean I'm assuming you'll find out more if not tomorrow throughout the course of the week here but injuries already playing a major factor no the Mets will wait and see what can for what the Yankees Shorty knoll guys are gonna be there for opening day the people buy season tickets to go see my talk me I wanna see judge instanton they wanna see the star power and I know winning heals all the Yankees did it a year ago do you really think that even the Yankees at some point they're going to reach their their limits now you really think even the Yankees are gonna have a repeat performance of all the guys that they had last year the G. O. R. chella type players or shallow and talk manning Cameron Maybin and everybody that filled in you think they're gonna do the same thing this year I guess we'll find out and if that's the case the case was gonna need easy decision may come free agency Hey guy trade judge before he hits free agency get some back for Y. son George Y. sun J. as in James Watson even Giancarlo who needs eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six more calls on me as I will get to the nets at some point this hours well it's all caught on the Benjamin Franklin once wrote mmhm nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes hold on their Benji you can't even be certain of that much thanks to cyber criminals and.

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