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From the 41 Yard line for Kansas State. Useful in the backfield. It is a handoff all of the middle big hole 51st down and more breaks into the 40 30. 20 puts it in fifth gear and scores the touchdown, another big play for Kansas State against the Stanford D. 59 yards touchdown to spawn number 32 weeks ago, the New York Mets were just about cooked when it came to the NFL playoff race. Well, that's just not the case anymore. Thanks in part to this Francisco indoor go ahead, two run shot in Game one of a double dip in D. C. W. CBS with the call. That's driven in the air That's deep to right field. So does looking back. If it's fair, it's gone. It's gone all run Francisco the door. Meds are back on top. It's 11 and nine. It's so much for a slow bat. Glendora got around on that fastball, and they hit it into the second deck number two, We head to Charlotte, where a matchup of top five teams in college football turned out to be a defensive battle, and Georgia defensive back Christopher Smith. Makes a house call to get the scoring started. Sean Kelly, the call here on ESPN Radio, younger, a leg swings over the top. Better shut through the 26 3rd last 40 45 midfield. It's Smith all moved to the sidelines made the man Mr 15 10 5 touchdown photos. Christopher's Smith Think solved Julie under the Lego 74 yards the other way. And the number one play of the day. And finally, nothing has changed. Alabama continues to do Alabama things. Eli Gold. The call from Clearfield County Price gets it back pedals into the end zone loads up looks wrong. He's got Williams. The grand at midfield Down the right sideline. 40 30 2010 5 Touchdown Alabama, maybe four yards. Grace Young Jamison Williams. Eli Gold, one of the.

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