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Out of it. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News 10 Republican senators went to the White House. I think it was an excellent meeting, Susan Collins says They had frank and very useful discussion, but they didn't make any deals with President Biden is Democrats push forward on a $1.9 Trillion Corona financial aid plan. Fox is Rachel Sutherland has more live day. Democrats could push the president's proposal to Congress with the procedural move, but it would only take one defection to derail the tactic. GOP Senator Mike Brown Says there are areas agreement but place where we have differences is whether or not their plan is targeted enough rounds among 10 Republicans at a White House meeting late Monday, the GOP plan calls for smaller stimulus checks with the lower income limit. Both sides agree on $160 billion to fight the pandemic. Dave Rachel Tony President Biden will sign three more executive orders on immigration his House Democrats, They'll file their impeachment brief to the Senate this morning, followed by the Trump team. Legal response is tearing the country apart at a time when we don't need anything like that they would show it is one of the former president's lawyers telling Fox it's unconstitutional with Trump now out of office. This is the political weaponization of the impeachment process. Argument start next week the former president accused of inciting the deadly Capitol attack. Nasty winter Storm still snowing on the northeast of the New England parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania got 2.5 ft in punks of Tony. They woke up the ground hog Phil Phil silly. And when he emerged to only a virtual crowd online in this covert crisis, he saw his shadow. So legend has it. We get six more weeks of winter. Did you know, though there are many other ground hog forecasters Buckeye Chuck in Ohio, Staten Island, Chuck in New York, General Beauregard Lee in Georgia and Jimmy the Ground hog in Wisconsin. None of them saw their shadows this morning. We all predicted early spring. So who's right? America's listening to Fox News? Hey, LBJ News Time is 802. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by Triple A counter tops. Five emergency priorities have been laid out by.

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